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My name is Monterey Bud and I was born in Long Beach and raised on the central coast. I surf, dab, burn and write. I'm a husband, a father and a lifelong consumer of connoisseur grade weed. I have been writing about marijuana strains, science, and politics for since 2012. A Big Sur cultivator from the pre-helicopter days, I'm a big fan of new strains and breaking news. I can be reached on Twitter @MontereyBud1738 Articles

Jon Hiltz was a journalist for for two years and is now director of content for INDIVA, a licensed cannabis producer in Ontario Canada.487 Articles

Used to write about music for XXL, Elevator, Complex, Genius, and a few other outlets. Follow @LongLiveTheDuke on Twitter if you'd like to read way fewer words by me.361 Articles

Michael Knodt is an expert on cannabis politics and cannabis culture across Europe. Born in North Germany, Michael has been living in Berlin since 1990. He initially studied history and journalism before receiving his certification as a carpenter. Since then, Michael has made regular visits to countries where cannabis is cultivated, such as Jamaica and Morocco. He has worked as a freelancer for Weedmaps, Vice Magazine Germany, Sensi Seeds and numerous German-language cannabis magazines since 2004. From 2005 to 2013, Michael was the Editor-in-Chief of Germanys biggest cannabis periodical. He also is the face and presenter of the most popular program on cannabis prohibition and just launched a new channel called "DerMicha." Aside from his journalistic work, Michael is a cannabis patient, activist, sought-after speaker on conferences and congresses, and a father of two.302 Articles

Allie is a NW-based content curator for and an organic farmer at TKO Reserve. She has been a professional in the marijuana industry since she was 18 years old, spending the first five years of her career working for Dope Magazine as lead photographer. Allie has worked on mainstream projects such as Idiot's Guide: Growing Marijuana, Branding Bud: The Consumerization of Cannabis and her own self-published book, As The Grass Grows.160 Articles

Shirley Ju is a journalist based in Los Angeles. She is the former Editor-At-Large at and currently works at Power 106 FM. She lives and breathes hip-hop and is literally on top of new music the moment it is released. If there's a show in LA, you can find her there. Born in the Bay, the hyphy movement is ingrained in her. She also started her own site at, which covers all the dope events in the city! She loves all things weed-related and probably will rejoice if you pass her the blunt.49 Articles

Maureen Meehan is a 25-year veteran journalist who worked in Latin America, the Middle East and Europe for NBC Radio & TV and numerous U.S., Canadian and European news outlets. She moved back to New York City in 2012 where she began writing for High Times magazine and continues her freelance career. After covering many wars around the world, Meehan finds the War on Drugs among the most perplexing, devastating and misguided.42 Articles

Jessica Peralta is a multimedia journalist with experience covering a wide range of topics, including courts and crime, police and fire, health, education and community news for outlets like the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register.38 Articles

Since receiving her Journalism degree from California State University, Long Beach, in 2005, Lesley has traveled throughout the West Coast, South and Midwest to develop her multimedia content production skills at companies including the Long Beach Press Telegram, Suburban Life Media, the American Cancer Society, Illinois News Network and the Los Angeles Times.30 Articles

Don Jergler is the Regional West Editor for Insurance Journal and a veteran business and real estate reporter. He has contributed coverage for the Long Beach Press Telegram, Long Beach Register, Los Angeles Times Custom Publishing and a variety of trade publications.28 Articles

When she’s not splitting grape Swishers, Suzy Nguyen writes for Weedmaps. She earned her English Literature degree from California State University, Long Beach and has been in the marijuana industry since she was 21 years old. Armed with knowledge and experience, she brings to the team an insider’s perspective from her years of working in different dispensaries. Besides having a knack for fashioning dank blunts, Suzy also holds an Associate’s degree in Product Development from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.26 Articles

Bonni Goldstein, M.D. is a physician who specializes in cannabis medicine in Los Angeles, California. She specialized in Pediatric Emergency medicine for years before witnessing the amazing benefits of this treatment in an ill loved one. Since then, she has successfully treated thousands of adult and pediatric patients with cannabis. She regularly speaks about cannabis medicine at conferences and patient groups around the world. She is the owner and medical director of CannaCenters and medical advisor to She is the author of the recently published book, Cannabis Revealed.23 Articles

Kate Kasbee is a health and wellness writer based in Chicago. She is the content creator, recipe developer and content strategist for the site Well Vegan and co-authored her first book "Frugal Vegan: Affordable, Easy and Delicious Vegan Cooking." Beyond health and wellness, Kate is an experienced travel and real estate writer, serving as a contributor to publications such as "Travel in Style" and "The Los Angeles Times Las Vegas Guide."17 Articles

Andy Andersen is a copywriter at Weedmaps with a bachelor's degree in English and German Studies. When he's not working on useful, engaging content for the cannabis sphere, Andy can be found devouring and writing about movies, music, and literature. His happy place is in front of the TV with his bong and two cats, Poe and Rigby. As a seasoned professional writer and firm believer in the positive effects of cannabis, Andy strives daily to empower the cannabis community through the art of the written word.12 Articles

Aurélien Bernard is a French cannabis entrepreneur. He is the founder of the first French cannabis media Newsweed and is a specialist in legal and worldwide cannabis news. He is personally a pro-cannabis advocate and works with French associations to reform marijuana laws. He also financially and strategically supports the development of cannabis business initiatives.11 Articles

Allena Braithwaite is's dynamic Multimedia Coordinator and purveyor of all things in 420-friendly lifestyle. When she’s not drawing weird stuff or watching something spooky with her kitten Lib, she can likely be found globbing down dabs of West Coast Cure. Born in L.A. and raised in the Inland Empire, she attended college at The Art Institute of California completing a Bachelors of Science in Advertising. With ambitions almost as big as her hair, Allena strives to use all her resources to inform, educate, and advocate cannabis and hemp. To summarize in the words of @guapdad4000, “I’m a nerd, but I trap; and I ‘aint never gonna get out the game.” P.S. don’t forget to recycle!11 Articles

Lauren Williams is an environment and science reporter for the Orange County Register and has previously reported on public safety, education, public safety and breaking news in Southern California for publications in Long Beach and Costa Mesa. A graduate of California State University, Long Beach, Williams has been an active member of the media community since receiving degrees in Journalism and Political Science in 2008.8 Articles

Keiko Beatie is a practitioner of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Holistic Medicine and focused on patient care and education. Her passion for the cannabis plant developed from her studies of the healing powers of Bach Flower and Homeopathics, which cannabis is of the similar flower essence. She speaks at conferences across the country on topics of edibles, topicals, is a Board Member of NORML, Director of Education for Coral Cove Cannabis Jamaica, and assist Mary Jane University’s High Dining Club events. In the past, Keiko created the first cannabis-based TV network on Roku TV, Co-Host at Hemp Radio, worked in the music industry and curated surf festival with films, art and music all over the world. Her mission statement is “Acceptance and legalization through education and outreach for cannabis patient care.” She swims with the dolphins whenever possible and has many mermaid friends.7 Articles

Laurie Wolf is a leader in the edible community and an award-winning culinary entrepreneur. She recently published four cannabis cookbooks in addition to developing recipes for publications such as The Cannabist, Cannabis Now, Dope Magazine, Culture, Oregon Leaf, High Times, The Oregonian, and soon, the San Francisco Chronicle. From soup to nuts, Laurie delivers a wide range of cannabis-infused recipe options, as well as detailing techniques for at-home infusions.4 Articles

Itzhak Kurek is the CEO and co-founder of Cannformatics Inc, a startup that matches medical cannabis patients to the most effective cannabis strain, product and dosage, based on saliva biomarkers. He has 25 years of experience in biochemistry and molecular biology, specializing in plant photosynthesis, yield enhancement, metabolism and cellulose biosynthesis. He received his Ph.D. in plant sciences from Tel Aviv University in Israel and completed his postdoctoral research at the University of California, Davis. He has also conducted research at the Technical University of Munich in Germany; John Innes Center in Norwich, England; the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Bordeaux, France; and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories in California. He has published 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers and more than 10 granted US and international patents.3 Articles

Greg Heilers is an environmentally conscientious writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area.3 Articles

Eric Layland has been a driving force in digital marketing since 1996. He currently is the founder and CEO of Canna Ventures. The firm specializes in data-driven brand development and marketing program management for growth-oriented firms. Canna Ventures utilizes advanced consumer research methodologies to uncover insights about what drives the cannabis consumer preferences for their client's brands. When not parked in front of a computer Eric likes to mountain bike and explore all that the Pacific Northwest as to offer.3 Articles

An entertainment/ music business professional with over 15 years experience, Cohen held executive positions at Entertainment One as Head of Media and Artist Relations and at Roadrunner Records/ Warner Music as the National Director of Promotions. She started her career at ABC-TV's news/entertainment program, 20/20 where she worked with Emmy award winning producers and on-air talent. In 2015, she co-produced and created the successful media campaign for the viral video, for Grammy-nominated artist, Afroman, "Because I Got High, The Positive Remix." Cohen is on the committee for marketing and development for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame and is a professional tennis teacher who works with autistic children.2 Articles

Adie Wilson-Poe, PhD is a faculty member at the Washington University School of Medicine who has spent more than a decade studying the body's endocannabinoid system.2 Articles

Shanti Ryle is a professional writer and media producer with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Theatre from Southern Oregon University. With years of copy and media production experience, Shanti is passionate about telling humanity’s essential stories. From cannabis to podcasts, she’s developed content for, Wayland Productions, Stride Search and several freelance publications.2 Articles

Mentally gifted and usually stylish as hell, Taylor Engle received her bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism from California State University of Fullerton in 2017. Taylor has written for several publications including the La Habra Journal, Forever Twenty-Something, and OC Weekly. In her free time, she likes to people-watch and write about it.1 Articles

McLean Swanson is a writer with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Columbia University, an eSports competitor, and a fiend for things that go bump in the night.1 Articles