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Dilution Techniques for Drug Tests

Dilution Techniques for Drug Tests

Please be cautioned that the following sections (“N” through “R”) are for your reference only. Attempting to employ any of the following information to help you pass your drug test is strongly advised against, incredibly risky and deemed extremely unwise. Dilution Techniques, using Drug Test “Screens,” doping your drug test sample, using substitution urine or attempting to steal urine all carry unnecessary risks with dire consequences. If you are truly worried enough to turn to these questionable tactics, Marijuana.com strongly advises you to call ourDetox Partner at 1-877-247-1354 or email them at info@passadrugtest.com. They will answer all of your questions and help you find the right solution for your situation.

It is nearly impossible for people to successfully dilute their urine unless they have abstained from smoking marijuana for at least three days. And even if they do, they could be suspected of dilution at the lab. Below we will discuss some of the popular dilution techniques that desperate test-takers employ. However, we can only recommend using Marijuana.com’s preferred partner in detoxification,PassaDrugTest.com. Their industry-leading cleansing products are the only detox products worthy of Marijuana.com’s stamp of approval.


Creatinine and Drug Tests

A few days prior to your test, many people try to pass their drug tests by raising their creatinine levels. Creatine metabolizes into creatinine within 48 hours after ingestion. Remember, the laboratories test creatinine levels in the urine to determine if you have diluted (drank too much fluid before a test) the sample. There is no “top end” to the normal levels of creatinine in your urine, but if your urine tests too low for creatinine you will receive a “diluted” result. The normal range is anywhere from about 110 – 200, and it is common for labs to see a lot of levels in the 20 – 30ng/dL range. Note: Anything below 20ng/dL is considered “low” and can be an indication of a diluted specimen.


Taking Aspirin Before Drug Tests

Anywhere from 4-6 hours prior to test time, many test takers take 3-4 aspirin. This is not to be confused with ibuprophen, advil or any other “non-aspirin” pain reliever. These products have widely been reported to interfere with an immunoassay test and can contribute to a negative result. It should be noted that labs across the country have reported they have overcome this “aspirin flaw” in the testing. Again, if you have enough concern for your drug testresult that you taking aspirin and creatine, Marijuana.com can only recommend PassaDrugTest.com for yourdetoxification wellness.


Fluid Intake Before Drug Tests

Other test takers attempt to “beat” their screenings by consuming a sports drink about three hours prior to test time. 16 ounces of Gatorade®, PowerAde® or any other brand of sports drink are popular. This approach should only be used as a broader approach and diet you can learn from PassaDrugTest.com. Shortly after you finish drinking the sports beverage you will begin to feel the urge to urinate. You should feel the need to pee every 20 minutes or so and your urine will be very clear (colorless). Drink about 4-6 ounces of the sports drink to replace what you have urinated each time you urinate. It should be noted that this has never been proven to help an individual pass drug tests.


Vitamins Taken for Drug Tests

To put some color in their urine after taking the “dilution approach,” screeners quite often take vitamins. Marijuana.comdoes not recommend the dilution or masking approach, but to properly make your urine appear yellow:

  • When you begin to urinate every 20 minutes, drop a B2 (riboflavin) or B Complex Vitamin.
  • If you take a multivitamin each morning, the morning of your test you may want to take 2 or 3 of them.
  • Make sure to void a couple of times at least, before you actually take the test. You want to flush any old urine, containing high amounts of THC, from your bladder before you go and give a specimen to be tested
  • Practice helps. If you can afford to purchase a few home tests, (available cheap over the internet) try a dilution run at home a couple of days before your scheduled test. That way you can tell if the dilution method will even work for you. If it doesn’t, which is likely, you will need to look into another detoxification solution

Remember, drinking large amounts of water, cranberry juice or tea in the days leading up to the test does nothing to “clean out” your system. All it does is waste toilet water and paper. You cannot “flush” THC from your system with excessive fluid intake. The purported purpose of the dilution method is to force the ratio of THC metabolites to urine fall below the cutoff level, thereby obtaining a negative result. Note that it does not actually remove any THC from your body, it just adds pee. It’s similar to adding thinner to paint. Not removing the paint, it just makes the paint less dense. If you are interested in actually detoxifying your system, you should look further into Pemanent Body Cleansing Solutions.


Quantity of Urine Required for Drug Test

You will at the most only need 60 milliliters (approximately 2 ounces) of urine to provide an adequate quantity. The collector will probably ask for at least 4 ounces of urine, but just know that the collector cannot reject your specimen for insufficient quantity if you have given what is needed. Just because more is asked for, does not mean that is the quantity required. Collectors always ask for more urine for several reasons:

  • If they have a larger quantity, administrators do not have to check the temperature quite as fast. The smaller the quantity of urine, the faster the temperature will fall after it hits the cup
  • If they asked for only 2 ounces, inevitably most donors would only donate 1-1/2 ounces or 1 ounce. That is not enough to administer a test, and you will not be allowed to leave the testing facility. You will be required to sit there and slowly drink water at a controlled pace until you can produce the required quantity

Exercise and Drug Tests

People who exercise regularly, are naturally thin or have very fast metabolisms are very fortunate when it comes to drug test taking. THC is stored in the fatty tissue of the human body. The less fatty tissue a person has, the less stored-THC that person has a capability of storing. People with faster metabolites tend to “turn over” the fat cells in the body at a much faster rate than their heavier, less active counterparts. For those of you who have a few weeks of notice before their tests, exercising can be an effective way of reducing the levels of THC in the body. It has never been scientifically proven just how much a proclivity for faster metabolites affects drug test results.
However, stop all or most activity about five days or so before test day. That will stop the body from burning fat cells and putting the THC into the urine. It helps to overstuff on fatty foods during the few days before test time as well.
This approach is not recommended, however. A full detoxification approach is a much safer way to ensure you pass your drug test. Call our Detox Partner at 1-877-247-1354 or email them at info@passadrugtest.comMarijuana.com only recommends cleansing products offered by PassaDrugTest.com.