Doping Samples

Doping Drug Test Samples

“Doping” samples typically consists of spiking the sample with different chemicals and substances in an effort to dilute or mask the specimen. This is never a good idea for one very important reason: You don’t know what type of test will be run on your specimen.

Most instant testing now is done in conjunction with some type of adulterant test. Even the simple immunoassay test administered at the time of an interview come with an adulterant panel built into them. Some additives alter the urine’s pH, add oxidants or throw the specific gravity out of range of normal human urine. Labs test the pH, nitrates, specific gravity and oxidants to see if the sample has been adulterated.

Household products and cleansers will be detected. Commercial additives, if they are not detected, probably will not work. This includes bleach, ammonia, Drano, hydrogen peroxide, soaps, etc. Again, commercial additives, detox products and synthetic urine are illegal in most states, and some commercial vendors will not ship their product to an address in those states.

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