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I Failed My Drug Test

I Failed My Drug Test!

What Did I Do Wrong?

The most important thing you need to bring with you to a drug test is your identification. You will need government-issued photo identification. That means a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, passport, military ID card, etc. A library card, credit card or social security card will not do.

Some Drug Test Horror Stories

For your benefit, we have compiled a list of true accounts from several individuals involved in the Drug Screening Industry. To those of you who responded to our request for true-story accounts, Thank You. These examples are not meant to frighten you, but to educate you.

Cold Specimen

From Terry in Houston, Texas:
I show up at a safety meeting with names drawn for a random test on my list. James says he really needs to use the bathroom because he has diarrhea. He goes in and comes out a few minutes later. In the meantime, I’m conducting the breath alcohol tests and urine collections on others who were drawn. Johnny’s name comes up and he fills out his paperwork, takes his cup and goes into the restroom. He comes out a couple of minutes later, hands the cup to me, ½ full as instructed. He looks a nervous, but not too bad. When I look at the temperature strip on the cup, I don’t see anything registered. That is very unusual, so I pick up the cup to get better light. Well, the cup was cold. I don’t mean cool, I mean like it had ice water in it.
I looked at Johnny and said, “This is cold.”
He says “What?”
I repeat, “This is cold.”
He says (with a very serious, straight face), “Well, I just drank a milkshake.”
I had him complete the paperwork and sign the form, and handed him his copy. He did not notice that I wrote in the remarks section: “Collection cup containing urine is cold to the touch and registers no temperature. Collection 1 of 2.”
Johnny ended up waiting for 2 more hours to pass and drank 30 more ounces of water so he could give me another specimen, this time observed (with the observer watching the urine flow from his body into the collection cup). I was required to send in the cold specimen and the second, observed specimen. So, after Johnny gave me the second specimen and I wrote why the second collection was performed under observation, I sent in two separate specimens. When one had THC present and the other did not, it was a pretty good tip-off that Johnny was busted for substituting one specimen and caught for being positive for the other.
Johnny lost his job and had to begin seeing a Substance Abuse Professional for an evaluation and treatment program before he could work in his field again, for any employer.

There are ways to avoid this unfortunate situation. Johnny certainly did not have to lose his job. As discussed earlier, do not ever attempt to dilute your specimen. If you are a marijuana smoker and are concerned about the outcome of your test (or fear a Random Test approaching) contact our friends at PassaDrugTest.com. Products such as the 45-Minute Chewable Tablet would have greatly helped Johnny, and he would probably still be employed. Marijuana.com’s only source for detoxification wellness is always waiting to take your calls or emails at 1-877-247-1354 orinfo@passadrugtest.com.

Bullied Into Testing Too Soon

From Frank in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:
I received a call by an individual who was incredibly nervous – near frantic, even. He needed a test on file, a program written for his company and random testing done ASAP. When I talked to him on the phone, he was strange, talking about all kinds of paranoid ideas. He agreed to come into my facility the next day to take a drug test. He came in the next day, took the training I offered him, the program I wrote for him and the drug test. He did not pay right away, saying something about forgetting his checkbook. I was ready to write off the expense I was out and prepared to never hear from this person again.

A couple of days later, I got a check in the mail for the full amount. The drug test had not cleared the laboratory yet. One full week later, the test still had not cleared the laboratory, so I called and asked what the problem was. The lab tech said that they needed to run the confirmation process twice on this specimen, but would not tell me the exact nature of the problem. Three days later, I got a call from the MRO. He needed to speak with the donor. I called the donor and left a message on his phone that he should call my office as soon as possible. About an hour later, the donor called me. I told him to call the MRO. About ten minutes later, the MRO called me and told me that the donor was positive for Amphetamines (Meth).

Now the donor must attend a Substance Abuse Professional’s evaluation, attend the recommended treatment, go through the reevaluation, Return-to-Duty testing and Follow-Up testing for up to 5 years. Why? Because the donor was intimidated into taking a drug test when he knew he could not pass. If the donor had waited about a week and then taken the test (assuming the donor stopped using drugs for that week), he would have passed no problem.

In this case, if the individual had simply known to purchase one of PassaDrugTest.com’s Same Day Cleansing Solutions, he would likely still have his business – and his well being. If you are a marijuana smoker, it’s especially important for you to speak to the experts at PassaDrugTest.com’s, as it is entirely possible that traces of the drug can remain in your system for many, many weeks. If the circumstances described above scare you and you suspect you may have a drug test approaching, contact our friends at PassaDrugTest.com at 1-877-247-1354 or email them atinfo@passadrugtest.com. They are Marijuana.com’s only source for detoxification wellness, and will personally answer any questions you may have about ensuring your body is clean of all toxins.

No Identification

Justin in Macon, Georgia:
It is a very simple – but very important – rule. No identification will net you no test and a whole lot of grief. If this is for Pre-Employment, you will not get the job. There are no exceptions here.

One young man came in to my facility and said he didn’t have any identification at all. He had lost his wallet and had nothing left. It was 3:45 pm on Friday. The DMV will not accept anyone after 4:00 pm. He had only 15 minutes to get across town and get his license replaced. It is a good thing we are in a small city and the DMV wait is not what it is in, say, Atlanta. He did manage to get the license replaced and managed to get back to my facility to “donate” before the 4:30 cutoff for overnight courier service that day. Since we do not have overnight courier service over the weekend, this kid almost missed having his specimen tested by a laboratory for another 3-4 days. That could have disqualified him from the position if the employer wanted to hire right away.
Remember; always bring your government-issued, unexpired photo identification with you to any testing facility. That could be a state-issued ID card, state driver’s license, passport, military identification or any other form of photo ID. Also, to avoid any delays, if you have drastically changed your appearance since your photo was taken (facial hair, new hair color, loss or gaining of weight), get the identification updated. For your photo identification to be useful, the photo must actually look like you.

If you have an up-to-date photo identification and are still concerned with passing your drug testMarijuana.comrecommends that you familiarize yourself with the products offered by PassaDrugTest.comMarijuana.com’s only partner in detoxificationPassaDrugTest.com’s industry-leading cleansing products are completely safe and 100% effective, backed by an unbeatable guarantee. Because of their years of dedicated support to stressed out test-takers the world over, as well as the unparalleled products they offer, PassaDrugTest.com is the only detoxification vendor thatMarijuana.com supports. Contact our friends at PassaDrugTest.com at 1-877-247-1354 or email them atinfo@passadrugtest.com.

Excuses for Failing Your Test That Never Work

The following excuses for failing a drug test are heard by MROs every day, and they absolutely never work:

  1. I was at a party where they were smoking, but I didn’t smoke any pot
  2. I didn’t inhale
  3. I didn’t know that the cookies, brownies, butter, etc. contained marijuana
  4. I have a medical marijuana “permit”
  5. I only took one or two of my wife’s pain pills for my headache
  6. My prescription wasn’t cutting it, so I doubled the dose
  7. I ate too many poppy seeds
  8. Someone spiked my drink
  9. “No way in hell! I don’t do drugs at all! The lab must have screwed up! I’m going to sue!”
  10. “But I don’t smoke pot any more, I quit a couple of weeks ago.”

Additionally, none of the following excuses will work while trying to convince the collector that you aren’t attempting to adulterate, dilute or substitute a test:

  1. It’s cold because I just drank a milkshake
  2. I really need to keep my purse with me
  3. Can my friend come in with me?
  4. I need to run out to my car for something
  5. I just need to get something from my friend
  6. Can’t I come back tomorrow or later today?
  7. Not using toilet paper (females)
  8. After making urination sounds, walking around in the bathroom and waiting an excessively long time to open the door
  9. Dancing when you arrive, and your specimen looks completely clear (it’s happened)

The following will only succeed in angering your collector:

  1. Do you really like your job?
  2. How can you do this day after day?
  3. This is violating my rights
  4. Don’t you trust me?
  5. This is really gross
  6. I would never take a job like this
  7. Man, what a ch
  8. This is really stupid
  9. I’m in a huge hurry, can I leave now?
  10. Urinating all over the bathroom and toilet.
  11. Flushing the toilet after being told not to – this is a big one!
  12. Urinating an inadequate amount in the cup then waiting to see if your bladder will find more urine to add with it
  13. Whining of any kind
  14. Can’t I cut my own hair?
  15. Do you really have to cut the hair from the head?
  16. Pretending you don’t understand the instructions

If you are a marijuana smoker, it’s entirely possible that the substance can remain in your system for many, many weeks. If the circumstances described above scare you, contact our friends at PassaDrugTest.com.

If you have additional questions, we strongly recommend you contactMarijuana.com’s only source for detoxification wellness, PassaDrugTest.com, as they will personally answer any questions you may have about ensuring your body is clean of all toxins. Call our Detox Partner at 1-877-247-1354 or email them at info@passadrugtest.com.