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If You Fail Your Drug Test

If You Fail Your Drug Tests

If you fail your drug test, there is really nothing you can do. You will be interviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO), who will ask you questions regarding any medical conditions, foods, etc. It is important that you familiarize yourself with all of the potential reasons that could have caused a false positive. If you are still concerned that you will receive a false positive, Marijuana.com suggests looking at the False Positive Drug Test Kit offered by PassaDrugTest.com.
There really is no legal reason to have marijuana in your system, so there is nothing you can say to the MRO to justify a positive drug test result. MROs are impartial. An MRO cannot be an employee of the lab, have any monetary benefit from a lab (own stock or be a part owner). They are paid for their services from the employer and are not swayed by tears or long, drawn-out excuses. By regulation, MRO’s must be totally independent of the laboratory. An MRO could even be an employee of the company to which you are applying.
A Medical Review Officer will review the collection and laboratory procedures to ensure the collection and testing was done correctly, and then analyze the results. It is a fact-based job. If you are taking a prescription that is causing the positive result (some cancer meds can test positive for marijuana, for example), the MRO will phone your physician and/or pharmacy to determine if it is really to you that the medication was prescribed. They will also note the time of collection and ask you the time you last ingested the medication. If the expected quantity of the drug in your urine does not match the laboratory report, you are determined to be positive for an illegal substance.
From a legal standpoint, if you fight a positive result your lawyer can subpoena the proficiency testing records of the laboratory for review. This is almost always a huge waste of time and money. Most laboratories undergo proficiency testing by regulation and the quality control measures are reviewed and updated as needed. Blind samples are sent to laboratories on a periodic basis. Both confirmed positive and confirmed negative specimens are sent to laboratories. If one of these specimens are tested and found to be anything other than what they should be, the laboratory loses its certification.
If you are a marijuana smoker, you should be cautioned that the THC metabolites looked for in drug tests can remain in your system for several weeks. If you are afraid that you could fail your test, Marijuana.com can only recommendPassaDrugTest.com for detoxification wellness. PassaDrugTest.com will personally handle all of your inquiries regarding clearing out your system of all toxins.
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