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What Can I Expect at My Drug Test?

Employer, Off-site

If you are not accompanied by a representative upon first entering a collection facility for a Pre-Employment Screening you will be asked for identification. Do not expect to take your test if you do not have proper identification. You will be asked to leave. Your prospective employer will be called and told that you could not conduct the test because the presumed donor had no identification. You will need a piece of Government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, military ID card, state-issued ID card, Passport, etc).

Once your ID is checked your identity confirmed, you will be asked your Social Security Number.

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Urine-Drug Tests

First you will be asked to wash your hands. This is to ensure that there is no adulterant on your hands, such as bleach under the fingernails. You will be asked to empty your pockets of all items and remove all outer clothing, including jackets, extra sweatshirts, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. You cannot be frisked, although the collector may ask about any obvious lumps in clothing caused by objects left in pockets, things attached to belts, etc. You cannot be forced to put on a gown for the purpose of urine collection. If you are there to also have an Employer-Based Physical, you will need to put on a gown.

You will then be taken to the restroom, where you will be instructed how to give a proper specimen. The collection kit must be factory-sealed and opened in front of you. The instructions are:

Please shut the door, urinate into the collection cup at least 1 inch deep to ½ cup full. Please set the cup on the counter and open the door when you are finished. Do not run the faucet or flush the toilet. Any extra urine should be put inside the toilet.

For females, add: You may use toilet paper as you normally would. Just do not flush the toilet. It does not matter if you are menstruating or get blood in the cup, we will make a note on the CCF stating that you claim to be menstruating, accounting for the reddish color in the urine.

After you have filled the cup to the indicated depth and opened the door, the collector then checks the temperature of the urine. There is a small temperature strip stuck to the outside of the collection cup about ¼” from the bottom of the cup. The temperature needs to read between 90-100 degrees to be considered a viable specimen.

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Laboratory Test

Next, the collector will pour the urine in one or two vials, depending on whether the employer has arranged for a single or split collection. Seals from the CCF are then put over the vial(s), dated by the collector and initialed by you. This proves that you were present when the urine was poured into the vial. Do not under any circumstances initial the seal while it is still attached to the CCF. The collector will sign the CCF and note the time of the collection. Also, the temperature box should be checked by this time if it was not checked immediately after you emerged.

You will next be asked to sign and date the CCF. The top copy of the CCF will be inserted into the shipping bag with the specimen and the bag will be sealed. You should be present when the bag is sealed. The collector will then give you an important copy of the CCF. It is your proof that the temperature was checked and you took the test, and contains the specimen number. It also has the MRO listed at the top right hand corner.

After giving you your copy of the CCF, the collector should remind you to list any prescription or over-the-counter medications on it. Be sure to list the substances taken, dosage, time last taken, prescription number and any prescribing physicians’ names and phone numbers. If a banned substance is found in your specimen, the MRO at the top right-hand corner of the CCF will call you to determine if any substance found is in your system legally or illegally. If you say you are taking a prescription for Adderall, for example, and the lab report shows a positive for cocaine, you are in trouble. If the lab report shows positive for Adderall, your urine should show the amount consistent with your prescribed dosage. The MRO may also call your prescribing physician to ensure that the medication was actually prescribed to you.

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Instant Drug Test

In an Instant Test, the collector now doubles as the screener. These instant tests are not the kind you purchase in a drug store, as they are a outdated for collection facilities. Collection facilities now use what is called an “Integrated Split Cup,” sometimes equipped with an “adulteration panel”. After urinating in the cup, the screener places the lid on the container and peals back the label covering the test panel. If it is a split cup, a small amount of urine is allowed to flow past a test chamber while most of the urine is uncontaminated by the test pad. This allows for confirmation testing at a lab if necessary.

The screener then “reads” the test panel. There should be two reddish lines appearing in the space provided for each drug. One is a control line. This means the device is working correctly for each corresponding drug. The second line is the test line. Even the faintest line means a negative result on an instant drug test. If there is a faint line present on the test panel and the screener wants to forward to a lab for confirmation, do not worry too much. It should still come back as negative. Questionable (is there a line or isn’t there a line?) tests sent for confirmation rarely if ever come back as positive. The line must not be there at all to be positive for that corresponding drug.

If negative, your screener should note on the CCF that the temperature was acceptable and that the specimen screened negative for whatever substances for which you were tested. You should then be given a copy of the CCF used for theinstant test and allowed to leave the facility.

If non-negative (a screened specimen cannot be called a positive drug test until a confirmation test is completed), the screener will prepare the specimen for shipment to a laboratory.

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Hair-Based Drug Test

From the identification phase, you will assist the collector to fill in the personal information for the CCF. If you have enough hair on your head, the collector will then cup a small sample of your hair close to the scalp, at the crown of the head (the part of the head touching the pillow when lying on your back). The quantity should equal about 3/16” in diameter when held together, ponytail fashion. If the hair is shorter than 11/2”, a higher quantity will be taken. The hair is laid on a piece of foil, with the scalp end of the hair towards the beveled side of the foil. The foil is then folded, trapping the hair in place. If the hair is short or excessively curly it is laid on the foil without concern for the scalp end. The foil is placed in an envelope, after which the collector will fill in the information, have you initial and sign where needed, and seal the envelope as required. You are required to witness the sealing of the hair in the envelope for shipping.

If there is not enough hair on the head, it is too short or would leave a visible blemish in the hairstyle of the donor, body hair or facial hair is allowed. It is preferred to take chest hair first, then leg hair, arm or armpit hair, back hair, facial hair and finally pubic hair. The location of the body from which the hair was taken must be noted on the CCF. You will receive the donor copy of the CCF.

Make sure the collector’s scissors are clean. There is an alcohol wipe included in each hair collection kit for just this purpose. The scissors must be wiped down with the alcohol pad before cutting your hair. Facial hair must be taken as a last resort, and only if it doesn’t leave a noticeable mark in the moustache or beard. Ear and nose hair are not acceptable.

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Saliva-Based Drug Test

Saliva Tests follow the same ID process as urine and hair. The collector will present the donor with a factory-sealed collection kit and open it in front of you. You will then be asked if you had anything to eat or drink in the ½ hour prior to arriving at the collection facility. If not, the swab is inserted into your mouth and you are asked to keep it under the tongue for 4 minutes.

Sometimes the collector will rub the test swab around in your mouth for the entire 4 minutes. If the test is instant, the swab will immediately be inserted into the test kit and the results are observed right away. Two lines are negative, while no line at the test level indicates a non-negative. If it is a laboratory test, the swab is inserted into the vial, the excess length of the swab stem is broken off and the vial is sealed using the seal on the CCF. You are asked to sign and given a copy of the CCF.

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Blood-Based Drug Test

The standard operating procedure for Blood Tests is the same as saliva, with the exception of a technician will draw the blood. The blood will be drawn into two vials or one, depending upon whether the specimen is split or not. There is currently no Instant Tests for blood samples.
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