Types of Drug Screens

Types of Drug Test Screens

Some chemicals taken orally are advertised to mask traces of marijuana in urine. However, they certainly do not work to mask or cleanse the body of toxins. The only thing they possibly could do is dilute the urine so much that the level of THC drops below the cutoff of the test. The dilution approach is not recommended, as it comes with its own set of dangerous consequences. Most herbal products claim to do a lot more than they actually do, as well. If you are looking to cleanse your system of toxins, Marijuana.com’s can only recommend PassaDrugTest.com. Call our Detox Partner at 1-877-247-1354 or email them at info@passadrugtest.com.


Drug Screens Rumored to Work


Taking four aspirins a few hours prior to the test has been rumored to help you pass drug tests. Aspirin used to interfere with an EMIT assay, but some say this is no longer a factor. However, this was many years ago, and testing methodology has evolved to prevent most “screens” from being effective. Just as you are learning about ways to cheat drug tests, so too are the laboratories and manufacturers of instant test kits. They are constantly updating their products and methods to keep up with the products and methods developed to beat theirdrug tests. It is illegal in many states to manufacture anything designed to ‘fool’ or ‘beat’ a legally given drug test. Again, if you are concerned enough about your drug test to be taking aspirin without any pain, call our Detox Partner at 1-877-247-1354 or email them at info@passadrugtest.comMarijuana.com’s can only recommend PassaDrugTest.com fordetoxification wellness.


Drug Screens That Do Not Work

Goldenseal and Drug Tests

Goldenseal is an outdated and obsolete myth. It never worked, but so many people were using it to try to beat a drug test that laboratories started testing for goldenseal. If excessive amounts are found in your specimen, it could be reported that you have attempted to adulterate your specimen. California NORML, PassaDrugTest.com and this websiteall advise against using Goldenseal. It is considered a masking agent, and one that does not even work.


Niacin and Drug Tests

Niacin is another myth. It does not work reliably and never will. Taking Niacin to pass a drug test is akin to taking Goldenseal to pass your test.


Zinc Sulfate and Drug Tests

Zinc sulfate is claimed by some to bond with THC metabolites (false), then because it’s a solid gets passed as stool rather than urine. This does precisely nothing to help a urineblood or saliva drug test. Zinc sulfate is no miracle drug forpassing a drug test. Do not even consider using it.


Puri-Blend, The Stuff, Purifyit, Detox Drinks

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Water and Drug Tests

Absolutely, under any circumstances, do not add water (tap, distilled, whatever) to your specimen. This will alter the specific gravity of the specimen, a common adulterant test found on most instant all laboratory tests. Considering the municipality or source of the water, the chlorine found in the water might also be detected. Most collection facilities will have the faucet water disabled and the toilet water colored with dye. If you were thinking of adding water to your specimen – which you never should – you would have to carry it in with you.
Since most drug tests detect THC in your urine, adding a foreign substance to your urine really does nothing to sway the test.
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