Drug Test Tips

Drug Test Tips

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We’ve said it before, but we have to say it again: bring your unexpired, government-issued photo identification. This can include a passport, driver’s license, military identification or state-issued identification card. If you do not have this form of ID, you absolutely will not be tested unless the employer’s representative is standing right beside you.

Cell phone

Nothing angers collectors more than when you are talking incessantly on your cell phone while taking a drug test. What is more important to you: your friends or your employment situation?


Make sure you dress as you would for the job. If your employer expects you to wear jeans and a t-shirt, then wear one to the drug test or interview. Make sure they are clean and not torn. Your t-shirt should not have an endorsement or a large photo on it. Just wear a plain shirt. If you are applying for a banking job, wear business casual attire.


Leave your friends at home. They aren’t even allowed in the waiting area, and if you show up with an entourage to yourdrug test you can bet it will get back to your [prospective]employer.


Carefully listen to the collector give the instructions. If you have questions about the drug test, ask them.

Don’t Be Late

Just as important as bringing proper identification to your drug test, be absolutely sure you show up on time. If you are late, your drug test must be rescheduled through the employer. Also, if this is a Return-to-Duty or Follow-Up Test, showing up late enough for the collector to call the employer is considered a refusal to test and therefore a positive result. This applies to Probation and Parole Tests as well.


Treat your collector with respect and everything will move forward smoothly. Drug test collectors will almost certainly report any problems directly to the employee. Simply follow the instructions, deliver your sample and be on your way. Too many times people have lost job opportunities because they show disrespect to the collectors. Avoid going ‘number two’ at the collection facility.


Don’t pee before you leave home. Even if you think it is a saliva or hair test, if you aren’t sure, don’t pee. You can always ask to pee after you get there if you find out it is a saliva or hair test. You can’t pee on demand if you just emptied your bladder 20 minutes ago. You cannot leave and come back later (at least you aren’t supposed to). I can give you up to 40 ounces of water (not coffee, soda, tea, whatever) spread evenly over 3 hours.
If you do not provide a specimen in 3 hours, you are to go to a physician to find a medical reason for not providing a specimen on that date and time. You have up to 5 days to accomplish this and you probably will have to pay for the physician. Try to make an appointment with a physician within 5 days. You can’t do it. Even if you do, short of a major bladder or kidney malfunction, there really is no reason. Even if you are slightly dehydrated, 40 ounces of water will make you pee enough for a drug test.


Keep your copy of the Custody and Control Form (CCF). It notes where your drug test was conducted, who the collector was, the identifying number of the specimen, whether your specimen was within temperature range or not, whether it was a split specimen or not and who the Medical Review Officer (MRO) was. Most importantly, it is proof that you actually did take a drug test. If your specimen is lost or damaged in transit, or the lab mislabels your specimen and it becomes “lost” at the lab, you at least have proof that you took the test. In some cases (DOT Random Testing, for example) a lost specimen is not a reason to retest. The DOT figures that you have already tested, and just because your specimen was destroyed or lost during delivery to the laboratory, it is no reason to make you take a retest. However, you will need your copy of the CCF to prove when and where you took your drug test.


If you are substituting, make sure your substitute urine – either real or synthetic – is good. Get some home tests and validity strips and sacrifice a of the urine to a pretest.
Home tests and validity strips are sold over the internet or in your neighborhood drug store. Stock up if you are subject to Random Drug Testing or are looking for a new job.
If you still have questions about your drug test, contact our friends at PassaDrugTest.com. They are Marijuana.com’sonly source for detoxification wellness, and will personally answer any questions you may have about ensuring your body is clean of all toxins. Call our Detox Partner at 1-877-247-1354 or email them at info@passadrugtest.com.