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Urine Substitution for Drug Tests

Urine Substitution for Drug Tests

It should be noted immediately that the urine substitution method carries with it very serious potential consequences. While the method can work, if you are caught you will certainly not get the job you are looking for, lose your job or, in some cases, go straight to jail. To go this route, test takers simply provide clean urine that is not their own or synthetic urine. If this is an observed screening, obviously it is not an option. Marijuana.com strongly discourages this course of action, as it can have surprisingly harsh consequences.
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There is no way you can talk a collector out of observing you when protocol calls for an observed test. An observed test is warranted if you have been caught with adulteration or substitution materials in your possession, if you have failed a drug test in the past, if your specimen fails to meet certain criteria (such as temperature or color), you are in the military or you have been ordered by the courts to participate in drug testing.
Many test takers employing the substitution approach make the mistake of going straight into their test unprepared. It is recommended that you practice your substitution technique until you feel comfortable doing it. That way, you can overcome problems such as leaky containers, inadequate temperature, noisy caps, etc. The following are some important pointers, if you choose to take the risks associated with the substitution method:

  • Make absolutely sure you conceal the urine
  • As soon as you are alone in the restroom, pour your substitute urine in the collection cup
  • Be sure you can quietly open the container; the collector will probably be within earshot of the restroom and will hear any unusual noises
  • You will not be required to change into a gown for a simple employment or court-ordered test
  • If you are taking a physical for employment purposes you may be asked to put on the gown at the beginning of the office visit. If so, then just tell the nurse that you need to “go” really badly and cannot wait. Sometimes they will take pity on you and lead you to the restroom immediately to give the specimen, then lead you to the exam room after
  • A travel-size shampoo container is often times used for substitution. Simply clean the bottle very thoroughly, then fill with your clean or synthetic urine. Tape the bottle to your underwear or place it between two pairs of underwear, snugly in your crotch.
  • If you are worried about maintaining proper temperature (between 90 – 100 degrees), you can heat the specimen in a glass of hot coffee, water or other beverage, or you can tape a hand warmer (sold in most sporting good stores) to the outside of the container. This should maintain the ideal temperature for about 8-10 hours.
  • A specimen “donated” by a clean friend or family member can be kept in the crotch for up to 12 hours.
  • You can keep a specimen at room temperature for up to two days without refrigeration.
  • If you need to keep the specimen longer, it can be refrigerated for up to a week. Longer storage will require that the specimen be frozen. Frozen urine is good in an airtight container for up to a year.

Do not attempt to inject urine into the bladder. Some have claimed to be able to do this using a syringe or catheter. The risk of infection is high and simply not worth the trouble.
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Sources for Clean Urine

Donors and Drug Tests

A very common approach to the substitution method is using someone else’s urine. If you are in doubt whether your friend’s urine will pass a test, you can purchase home tests and integrity strips off the internet. It does not matter if your donor is of the opposite sex or pregnant. If your donor is menstruating, as long as no visible blood has seeped into the specimen, it is fine. If the specimen is visibly bloody and you are male, you might have a hard time explaining this to the collector. What absolutely does matter is whether your donor is taking prescription medication that will be detected. This can derail all of your efforts and make you wish you had taken a completely different route.
Age, gender, pregnancy, medical conditions, etc. are not tested during a drug test. The last thing the laboratory wants to do is extra work. They are paid to test for a certain array of substances. They are not going to find the exact chemical properties of your urine, including any hormones that may be present. Your specimen will be tested to see if it contains certain drugs and if it has qualities consistent with human urine.
Marijuana.com recommends calling our Detox Partner at 1-877-247-1354 or emailing them at info@passadrugtest.comif you plan to use this approach. They can tell you if it’s the safest and most reasonable solution.


Synthetic Urine and Drug Tests

Synthetic urine has human qualities, so it can pass most validity testing. You can obtain synthetic urine over the internet or at many novelty shops. There are several vendors available and a range of prices, so be careful. Some of these companies are simply not to be trusted. Most head shops or smoke shops will sell synthetic urine if it is legal in your state, though it is illegal in many states.


Making Your Own Powdered Urine for Drug Tests

Some test takers take the following approach: Urinate in a glass container. Let it evaporate, then scrape the inside for the concentrate. Mix it with water before the test, and the sample will have the correct specific gravity, pH, color, etc. Sounds like a good plan, right? In actuality this is a terrible approach. It is much more work and takes much more time than you can afford, and is by no means fail-safe.
Dog Urine and Drug Tests
There is a growing rumor that dog urine (of all things) can be substituted, and will pass the test. This is patently false. Canine urine has different specific gravity than human urine. It will be determined to be a specimen not consistent with human urine and you will receive an adulterated result. If you are still concerned after reading this section, call one of the drug test experts at PassaDrugTest.com. Our Detox Partner can be reached at 1-877-247-1354 orinfo@passadrugtest.com. If you are terrified, they can tell you what the safest and most reasonable solution for you is going to be.