Where do I go?

Where Will I Take My Drug Test?


There are many places where you can be tested. Employers typically use collection facilities or test employees onsite – using either a service company or another employee trained in drug testing.

Do not be surprised if you are asked to travel to a collection facility completely out of the blue. You may be asked to travel alone or with an employer-designated escort. The presence of an escort is heavily dependent on the reason for the test.

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Employment – Offsite

For Pre-Employment, Random, Return-to-Duty or Follow-Up Tests, you could be tested either at the employer’s facility, sent to a hospital or medical clinic or – as is commonly the case – a diagnostic laboratory testing facility such as Quest Diagnostics. If you are sent to a collection facility for Pre-Employment, you probably will not be accompanied by an employer representative. You will be given a company Custody and Control Form (CCF) and be told where and when your test is. Some less-rigid employers even allow you to contact the collection facility to make an appointment at your convenience. Do not count on this, however, as your appointment will likely be made for you ahead of time. Do not under any circumstances be late or miss an appointment. Collection facilities usually wait no more than 15 minutes, then place a call to the employer and report you as a “no-show.” Please note that if you are reported to the employer as a no-show you will need to make arrangements through the employer to reschedule the test. This does not reflect kindly upon you to your (prospective) employer. The logic is, if you cannot even get to your own drug test appointment on time, how are you going to report for work on time day after day?

For Random, Reasonable Suspicion, Return-to-Duty or Follow-Up Testing, you will very likely be accompanied by a Designated Employer Representative (DER). Sometimes this is required by law. The DER ensures you do not pick up a substitution or adulteration material along the way to the collection facility.
For Post-Accident or Near-Miss testing, the likelihood of being accompanied to the testing facility is much higher. Practically speaking, if you are hurt and need medical attention your supervisor or company DER probably drove you to the hospital or acute care clinic. Once in the care of the medical personnel, the DER or company representative will almost surely instruct them to obtain a specimen for a drug test. The supervisor or company DER will have a CCF in their possession before you leave for the medical facility. At this point, it is almost impossible to alter the outcome of the test. There is absolutely no opportunity to neither obtain a substitution nor drink extra fluids en route to the medical facility. Unfortunately, as long as you are conscious, aware of what you are doing and able to sign the CCF, you are stuck. Remember, refusing to submit to a drug test will automatically result in a positive drug test result.

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Employment – Onsite

Onsite Testing is conducted in one of two ways: either your company has a trained employee to conduct drug testing or they employ a company who sends someone to collect specimens.

For Pre-Employment, the employer may decide during the interview that you are the perfect candidate. It is entirely possible that you will be asked to take a drug test right then and there, either with a trained employee or and outside vendor.

As is common nowadays, you may receive a “conditional offer of employment.” This essentially means that if you pass your drug test and/or background verifications the job will be yours. Commonly, you will have a date for orientation already established. Your test could very likely be administered that day, during your orientation. Someone will come and take you aside form the orientation and give you a drug screening. Usually, testing in this instance is done using an instant analysis of urine. That way, the company will know immediately if they should proceed with your orientation and training. If your test comes up positive, you can expect your prospective employer to forward your non-negative screening to a laboratory for confirmation. This confirmation will establish if the non-negative result is from a legal drug (prescription, over-the-counter, etc.) or an illegal substance.

After you are hired, if you are not tested after three weeks there is a good chance your company does not conduct Pre-Employment Drug Screenings. Generally, all new employees should wait until they receive their first paycheck before using illegal substances. Please note that you could still be given a Pre-Employment test after your first paycheck, but it is unlikely.

Alarmingly, many Random Tests are administered right at the jobsite. Regardless of your place of employment (oil rig, school, bank, etc.) a service agent may just pull you right from your job for a Random Test.

If your supervisor suspects you of being under the influence of alcohol or banned substances while on-the-job, you may be subject to a Reasonable Suspicion Test. You will be pulled off your job immediately and asked to sit in a room with a supervisor keeping a watchful eye on you. A service provider is then called in to do either an alcohol or drug test, or perhaps both. In this least ideal of circumstances, you will have virtually no opportunity to substitute, adulterate or dilute a drug test because you will not be left alone until after the collection is complete.

Note: If you are told you have been suspected of using drugs or alcohol on the job and are subject to a Reasonable Suspicion drug or alcohol Test you may ask for documentation of your observed behavior. The employer must give you a copy of the documented behavior, showing exactly what behavior, smell, activity, etc. was observed to lead them to believe you were under the influence of a banned substance.

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PassaDrugTest.com is Marijuana.com’s only source for detoxification wellness, and will personally answer any questions you may have about ensuring your body is clean of all toxins. Call our Detox Partner at 1-877-247-1354 or email them atinfo@passyourtest.com.

Parole or Probation

This Screening is usually conducted using an inexpensive instant test at the Parole or Probation Officer’s (PO) office (or the donor’s home, if that’s where meetings are typically held). These tests are usually monitored, but not observed. That means the PO is in the room, but usually does not do a true “observation” where he/she watches the urine flow from the body into the collection cup. However, he/she is in the room or outside an open door.

If you are on probation or parole, Marijuana.com recommends the cessation of all illegal substance consumption. To ensure that your system is entirely clear of toxins, contact PassaDrugTest.com and request information about Permanent Body Cleansing Solutions.

PassaDrugTest.com is Marijuana.com’s only source for detoxification wellness, and will personally answer any questions you may have about ensuring your body is clean of all toxins. Call the Detox and Testing experts at 1-877-247-1354 or email them at info@passyourtest.com.