Obama's Helicopter Leads to In Air Pot Bust


Barack Obama is so good at hating on weed that he can confiscate marijuana while flying in the Kush clouds most likely knocked out on Xanax  a glass of wine. For real. This is a story with true cosmic/karmic forces:

A small plane with more than 20 pounds of marijuana strayed into restricted airspace around President Barack Obama’s helicopter on Thursday in Los Angeles, prompting U.S. F-16 fighters to rush to intercept it, officials said.

An FBI spokeswoman said the pilot had been flying from Santa Maria, in Central California, to Long Beach and had failed to respond to radio communications prior to contact by the fighter jets.


Obama flew on the White House helicopter, Marine One, from Los Angeles to the seaside community of Corona Del Mar and back on Thursday morning for a fundraiser.

Members of the White Houses press corps made the same journey in another Marine helicopter that flew nearby. There was no sign of disruption or incident from the air.

After arriving back in Los Angeles, the president boarded Air Force One and flew to San Francisco.

There was no immediate word on whether criminal charges were filed in connection with the incident. But law enforcement sources who has been briefed on the incident said authorities found 10 kilos, or 22 pounds, of marijuana on the plane.

From one Barry to another, it sounds like a meaningful coincidence to me. The nugs are calling your name. Stop resisting the force. And a note to self: if you can ever afford a plane, don’t get so blazed that radio communications sound like Skrillex.

[Chicago Tribune]

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  1. Inara Mitchell on

    Very much a trip! I always say, Don’t do anything that will attract attention to yourself. Don’t get so complacant and forget that marijuana is still illegal. I would have been sweating from the time I left the ground.

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