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Mitt Romney's Stance On Marijuana is Also Whack


It’s that magical time again with the next election cycle ramping up. As always, I will be harassing candidates and muckracking in the name of marijuana as I always do. I can’t help myself, it’s just too much fun and a lot of these bastards need to be called out. After all, politicians could pass sensible legislation, but instead they just do what lines their pockets and gets them re-elected. My first analysis of 2012 candidates will be of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney has been the most consistent frontrunner so far on the GOP side for the race to the White House, and looks poised to make a better showing than he did in 2008. He is the former Governor of Massachusetts, which from what I hear is a pretty liberal place. But then again he is also Mormon, which are some of the most uptight people out there. Here are the words out of his own mouth:



Mitt Romney’s Stance on Marijuana Legalization and Medical Marijuana Together:


[youtube]Mitt Romney Shuns Medical Marijuana Patient In Wheelchair:



And If You Didn’t Get The Point Here He Hammers It Home:



Mitt Romney’s Marijuana Report Card: F-

It doesn’t just seem like Romney is against marijuana; it’s almost like Mitt despises marijuana. In the last video he said he would fight it tooth and nail. The way he shunned that medical marijuana patient is heartless. I thought this guy claimed to be a believer in compassion. I guess not. If you are a marijuana consumer or medical marijuana patient, this guy is out to get you, much like Rick Santorum.

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  1. lonelyjimmyg on

    Who the heck is there to vote for??? All of the top candidates are against it…. Has anyone asked them why cocaine and heroin are no longer Schedule 1 drugs but marijuana still???? I most definitely am not voting for Romney and if some folk take offense I apologize but I’m not voting for Obama either. Would someone tell me what Ron Paul’s stance on medical marijuana is???

  2. This guy is a joke — so is Obama. We have no choice… nor did we last election. Obama or McCain, really?
    He might not have taken contributions from big pharma but they certainly lobby non-stop to prevent the legalization of medical marijuana. If big pharma figured out a way to patent the plant, believe me, it would be legal tomorrow.

    Ron Paul believes that we should end marijuana prohibition. He would like to allow the states to regulate it, like they do alcohol. Too bad he doesn’t have a chance in hell. Our system is a joke.

  3. killa thrilla on

    I am voting for Ron Paul unless he fully drops from the race.
    Obama and Romney are both hating until they get Cancer, like I was fortunate to deal with!
    Cannabis helped me recover from the Chemotherapy treatments.

    I have never done any substance illegal but Cannabis! According to the bla bla bla D.E.A.
    Just Alcohol, Tobacco and prescription drugs prescribed to me which I no longer take due to Cannabis and it’s positive effects.

    Cannabis is God’s gift since the creation! Not man made “Pharmaceutical” drugs.

    Why would “The Compassionate Investigational New Drug program” still be in use, If Cannabis is not effective!
    Irvin Rosenfeld still gets 300 joints per month from the government! Look him up on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me!

    He makes more money than I ever could and has been through a great ordeal with his bone disorder!!!

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