Republican Sponsoring Alabama Bill to Legalize MMJ


The notoriously conservative and dry(er) Southern region of America may soon get a whole lot greener if the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition continues to make headway in their going push to legalize medical marijuana in Alabama. While Alabama’s push for MMJ is still in its preliminary stages, the coalition’s campaign has gained a whole lot more traction and viability thanks to the endorsement of a Republican State Representative who is sponsoring the bill.

Legalizing weed is being met with skepticism, with opponents saying, among other things, it will lead to more drug abuse. “Everything is abused.  Cheeseburgers are abused!” says Shannon White, a member of the Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition.

This is the uphill battle facing the AMMC.  State Representative K.L. Brown (R-Jacksonville) is sponsoring a bill to legalize medical marijuana locally.  He argues, “Cannabis is a natural substance, and I just think from a health stand point, especially someone who is not terminal, it can be much more healthy for them than using…some of these high powered medications.”  

The fact a Republican is on board with the idea is a huge boost in the early stages of this push.  “I’m in the compassion business.  I’ve been in the funeral business over fourty years and I deal with a lot of families that have lost loved ones to cancer and various illnesses,” says Brown, adding his own sister used marijuana tablets before losing her battle with breast cancer.  White is excited about Representative Brown’s participation.  “Until you get a Republican on board this is not going to happen.  This is the Bible Belt and this is a conservative issue.  This is not Democrat or Republican, this is patient’s rights, this is quality of life.” [CBS 42]

K.L. Brown is the rare Bible Belt conservative that understands reason should outweigh preconceived notions. Roll Tide Joints!

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  1. I’m so happy that finally someone has the guts to stand up for our rights,for eight years I’ve had to brake the law because I have a 2nd home in washington state,I must go up their and get my medical weed so I’ll be able to withstand the pain of my cancer in the 4th stage daily.PLEASE FOLKS,U

  2. Ladies and gentelmen,thank you for considering a law the would ease the pain of cancer which I have in the 4th stage.every
    3 months I must go too my state I grew up and purchase enough mmj,to last me as I enduer the pain.I fought for this country,
    and its about time for our polititions to wake up,I should not have to brake the law to travel to another state to get my prescription
    for my cancer,then suffer the thought of being busted for pos. with intent to dist. and face jail,not even including the money the state
    would save,by legalizing pot period,its time to grow up alabama,and save our tax paying citizens some MONEY for ah change
    Thank you in advance

  3. I have suffered with adhd all my life. I have almost been sent back to prison this week for smoking weed. It is the only thing that helps me. The medication they prescribe wires me for days and makes my condition worse. We gotta do something. Plz people legalize marijuana so i can smoke again and sleep good at night. HELP!

  4. My mother suffers from bipolar diesease and they perscribe many medications to her that cause her more harm than good . Some cause insomnia, seizsures and they make her fill drained of energy. The only time my mother is normal is when she smokes marijuana. It helps her to stay calm and she get her proper rest. Why is it that all the hard drugs like xanx oxycotton and lorataps are a solution under the fed govments eyes and they are the ones killin ppl. U cant overdose on marijuana ppl. And as far as it bein a gateway drug, thats bull crap. The gov allows all these man maid drugs that marijuana is supposubly the cause of why ppl get addicted to them to be legal…. If u ask me the gov is terribly stupid and should look at the big picture. They sit aside blamein pot for the deaths that these harmful medications are causeing. Maybe the gov is the gateway to drugs…….

  5. Yes this is awsome but we need everyone who agrees with this to vote…I mean EVERYON!!!! Spread the word, if your not register to vote then get registered. If you are and you just dont vote then its time to start utilizing your right to vote. We need votes. Did I mention we need votes.

  6. @ Dane, I too have TBI along with PTSD. I use to live in california where I was able to use medicinal marijuana and it was the only thing that helped me cope with my military service connected disabilities. @ everyone reading this. We need votes and money to advertise to get the votes. If we have to make it our duty to get the individuals who are in office that disagree with this ( even though the evidence supports the use of medicinal marijuana) out of office, then thats exactly what we need to do. We need someone who is TRULEY in office for the people, and I do not mean the people that will pay the elected officials to make decisions that benifit them. This person needs to make his/her decision based on facts not monitary gain or personal feelings on the subject.

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