Arizona Bill Banning Medical Marijuana for College Students Approved by Senate


Arizona’s Senate voted 28-2 in favor of a ban on medical marijuana for college students, an overwhelming tally that now heads to Governor Jan Brewer. If the bill is then approved (as expected), it would “prohibit use or possession of medical marijuana at public universities, community colleges or child-care facilities.” Because that will definitely prevent 18-21 year old college students from lighting up in their dorm rooms.

Medical marijuana is now legal in Arizona–dispensaries will be up and running in the near future–so in theory this action is more or less a pre-emptive move by the state’s legislators to dilute the amount of bud on campus and maintain cannabis’ status as illegal.

And it’s a decision that can only be scoffed at. It’s especially ironic because by using scare tactics like this to prevent kids from smoking pot, the Senate is in reality encouraging them to drink alcohol, and even snort cocaine.

Yeah, the punishments for cocaine are worse than those for cannabis on college campuses. But coke doesn’t stink up a dorm room. It’s a lot easier to conceal than a big bag of weed. It’s also much quicker to ingest. As for alcohol, well, haven’t these voters ever seen Animal House? You can take the dogs out of the frat, but you can’t ever take the frat out of the dogs. Less Kush smoke on Arizona college campuses means one thing: more binge drinking.

And more binge drinking always equals more destruction, sexual deviancy, and vandalism. The only negative affects of more (I say more, cause there’s already a ton on Arizona campuses) high grade weed on campuses may cause a slight drop in class attendance…but no one really goes to school in Arizona to seek that kind of a “higher education.” East coast students migrate to U of A and Arizona State to soak up the sun, party, and smoke weed. A senseless bill won’t change that fact.

Hopefully, the efforts of  the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association and like-minded activist groups can help prevent this bill. Otherwise, students in Arizona should invest in a Smoke Buddy or three.

They say the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest kind–do you think a bill like this would decrease or increase cannabis use on college campuses?

[AZ Daily Sun]

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  1. The University of Colorado at Boulder has the same policy and I used to live in the dorms with my med card. This pretty much makes it so you cant justify smoking weed with having a med card or they will threaten to kick you out of the dorms. I bet they will let students opt out of the dorms in order to use their medicine. Still this is discriminatory and unjust for medical users but not an uncommon practice among states with legalized marijuana. The main reason why they do this is because you can make hella bank off of kids in the dorms by illegally selling weed and I’ve witnessed this myself at CU.

  2. As an ASU student, I take exception to the assertion that students “migrate to U of A and Arizona State to soak up the sun, party, and smoke weed.” I’m at ASU because of their top 10 ranking nationally for Photography…only two public schools in the nation score better. My mother went there because the journalism department is ranked even higher. And if you are unaware of the world-class programs at U of A for medicine and astronomy, you must not have paid ANY attention. We have enough problems in AZ without some moron generalizing our population like this. My party days are long behind me, though I still smoke regularly. And still maintain my status as an exceptional student. Only someone who hasn’t been here would even try to characterize us this way.

  3. I agree with you, however the author does have a point about out-of-state students. I’m a student housing speciallist that has consulted for many student housing developments within Arizona, and we always build resort-like complexes that cater to out-of-state students, such as New York and California (the students with the most money), and believe me, they chose these Universities for the year-round girls in shorts, and the party-like atmosphere that never stops. I know plenty of highly educated students that attended/started at ASU and UofA, but that does not change, that above all else, they are both highly ranked as party schools.

    Also, this policy, once again, is just demonizing patients. I hope our out of touch politicians are happy with themselves. I vote to have all politicians take a breathalyzer before any house or senate votes. Seems obvious that half of them are always drunk.

    • I really like your idea of making the senate take breath tests before they vote on things because it just doesn’t seem to make sense what they vote for. I hate to be morbid but I’m actually looking forward to our aging politicians dying soon. At least then we can get some younger people in there that have some type of education on the subject. Not just this subject either.

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  5. “Arizona–dispensaries will be up and running in the near future”
    I live in Arizona, there are at least 10 dispensaries within 10 miles of my house lol.

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