At a Record 28% THC, is Alien OG the Best Strain Money Can Buy?


Alien OG is taking Southern California, and really, the entire West Coast, by storm. The highest tested version (courtesy of SC Labs) of this popular OG strain, checked in, as my mentors Gil and Tang point out, at a whopping 28% THC. And it is one of those strains that literally knocks you off your feet.

While Five Point Wellness Center no longer carries this specific, potent version of Alien OG, it can be found in a plethora of different collectives. Which is interesting, because a couple of years ago, Alien OG–a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush–didn’t even exist.

To give you some perspective on the meteoric rise of Alien OG:

A year ago to this day, exactly 17 dispensaries carried Alien OG. Today, 109 dispensaries carry Alien OG. Prices–as is always the case–vary from dispensary to dispensary. So when purchasing this form of “Ocean Grown” bud (and really, any strain), be sure to ask about its genetics, how long they’ve had it for.

Have you ever smoked Alien OG, and if so, was it as potent as this percentage claims it to be? Do you care if your medicine is tested in a high-tec laboratory–or do you just want the bud that looks and smells the dankest?

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  4. I bought some of the alien og near Sacramento because of the great reviews. I thinks it’s ok but the blue dream is way better. Maybe I got some fake alien og. No way what I was given is near 28% 🙁

  5. I have a stronger strain brought to you by .. He is calling it house og sc lab tested on 12/27/13 thc–32.3%. Cbd– 0.1% cbn– 0.2%

  6. check out greenworksd alien og bubba. AOGB is a one of a kind bud I have never seen anywhere else. Like an emerald Christmas tree with dew drops of THC covered so much that you can barely make out the color of the bud itself.

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