Mandatory Drug Tests for Oklahoma Politicians Move to Senate


If you want to run for office in the state of Oklahoma, you better have crystal clear urine. On Monday, state legislators in the Oklahoma House voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill that would subject all politicians to identical drug tests that are mandatory for “poor people receiving public assistance.”

The vote was 82-6 and the bill now moves onto the state Senate, where it is generally expected to pass. Originally, the bill was only going to subject those receiving financial assistance to drug screens. But Democrats, seeing the moral flaw in this bill, threw a little snag into the bill “which requires anyone seeking local or state public office to certify they have passed a drug test within 15 days of filing their candidacy papers.

We’ll keep you posted when the bill reaches Senate, as it will be curious to see whether or not the Senate wants to subject themselves to drug tests. If not…are they “guilty by association” so to speak? And do you think either one of these polar opposites should be drug tested at all? And of course, should marijuana be included in either category? [Chicago Tribune]

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