God's Gift: Photos and Strain Review


…And on the 8th day, God created his true gift to man kind. On their own, OG Kush and Grandaddy Purp are two behemoths. Combined? They create a strain of Prometheus-esque standards that sends you soaring into the Kush Clouds. God’s Gift is, simply put, one of the sexiest strains of marijuana to look at–it’s NugPorn at its pinnacle. See for yourself:

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At its finest, God’s Gift contains a heavy dose of purple with the essence of OG (fluffiness, potency) still in tact. God’s Gift is, however, not a strain for those who like a mild, relaxing high. This is one hybrid nugget that will clouds your mind and will rocks you all night long. Thou shalt not over-indulge: caution and discretion are advised with this beauty!

There’s a reason that, as of just a few days ago, 231 dispensaries carried God’s Gift:

Are you a fan of God’s Gift? And do you prefer the more purple variety or the greener garb?

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  1. Mr.HighTolerance on

    If it ain’t purped out, itz not real godz gift iz what I say…if it don’t look like barney the purple dinosaur it ain’t godz gift…if it does smell smoke and medicate you like a dream, itz not Real God gift. Very sweet flavor, potent o.g kick to itz smoke and a fine yet center of the foerhead hitter

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