Herb Preserve Jars Helps Your Nugs Stay Fly


Do you HATE dry marijuana nugs? Who doesn’t. Herbs and tobacco are fragile organic matter, and they dry out and lose their potency quickly unless they are well preserved. Herb Preserve, since their founding 18 months ago, has gone a long way to combat that issue with their revolutionary line of ultraviolet stash jars.

The Los Angeles based company’s jars have completely flipped the industry on its head by introducing a line of nine unique glass nug jars that are a smoker and grower’s dream. Herb Preserve Jars are airtight, discreet (they feature dark almost black glass that you cannot see-thru), and smellproof. But the best part is they block out ALL visible light. Why is that important? Visible light breaks down THC. They still permit beneficial UVA and UVB rays to pass through, along with infrared, meaning your herb storage container device is completely optimizing to preserve what’s inside for over 6 months.

As mentioned above, they come in nine different styles, including four unique apothecary glass-on-glass shapes that, unless you’re already a customer, are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Their different jars come with catchy names like their most popular, the “XXX OG”, which holds over half an ounce of herb for just $20, or their beastly half pound capacity “Louis XIII” apothecary, which has been called the “Best Jar in 420 History.” Other popular sizes include from the pocketsize one gram, the classic eighth ounce size, their preroll jar which holds 12 or more standard size rolled up herbs or cigarettes, the special edition 2 gram apothecary jar, the one ounce stash, and their two additional apothecarys which hold 1 ounce and 2 ounces, respectively. Prices are super affordable, starting at just $10.

Check out their site to browse all of their styles and see why their stash jars have gone viral over the last year and built up a fan base of thousands of smokers who trust them religiously. They are running a special promotion this month in which the first 100 people who use Coupon Code WEEDMAPS save 15% off their order. Hurry up and place an order before all the codes are redeemed!

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  1. I’ve actually used these jars before and I can tell you that they do work. Kind of a bummer that I didn’t get 15% off like they are offering now but none the less these are a great value!

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