How Old Were You the First Time You Smoked Weed?


The first time I tasted nature’s finest herb was as a 13-year-old 8th grader. I did so so out of one of those infamous highlighter pipes on a friends balcony. It took me about six tries before I did so properly. On the successful attempt, I started coughing, my two friends said there you go, and a few minutes later I was up in the Kush clouds. Since my proverbial weed cherry was popped, it’s been nothing short of a love affair with Mary Jane.

How old were you the first time you smoked weed and how did it happen?

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  1. Sir Kinsey III on

    (Please note this is posted elsewhere in the forums. But it still applies so hey, why not?)

    I’m sure I’ll get flak for this but I was a late bloomer when it came to toking. Until I was 20, I drank the government kool-aid about how terrible weed is and how it will ruin your life. Then, while sitting in a cramped shed one warm October night, my life changed. It was myself and a few friends from high school, each sitting in a corner of a dilapidated tool shed so small we could lean foreward and all touch hands. I was sitting on a salvaged faux-fancy high backed chair, gently and nervously fingering the small glass bowl I had picked up earlier that day. It was two inches long and had an electric green triangular body seamlessly melting into a cold blue bowl. The light was dim, provided only by a candle sitting on a ratty end table in the center of the shed. My one friend who had called us all here leaned over and turned on the one speaker connected to his iPod and Freebird began to play softly. He looked around and asked us to present the pieces we had been told to pick out before we came tonight. I was immediately nervous as i placed my glass down. What if it wasn’t good enough? But then I saw the other two pieces on the table were just as small and I relaxed. He told us to give them each a name, which we did. I named her Simic (a reference to a green and blue Magic the Gathering guild.). He then told us these were our children, and they were hungry. Reaching into the drawer of the end table, he produced three bags of (what I now know) mid grade weed. Giving us each a bag, he showed us how to grind it and pack our bowls. Handing out the lighters, we each put the bowls to our lips and he reminded us we were not to leave until each of our bags was smoked. We lit, and I inhaled. I had no idea how to use the carb and ended up burning the entire bowl (and my poor lungs) in one drag. Exhaling, I watched the acrid smoke dance around before coughing my brains out. My friend said we would soon feel very thirsty, to which he produced large bottled of water and gave us each one. As if on cue, I began to feel as if my mouth was made of cotton and began to swill. I still wasn’t feeling much, so I began my second bowl pack. As we each completed it, we realized the shed was beginning to get rather hazy. I offered to open the door, but he said no, let the smoke build. As we each finished our third bowl and our respective baggies, I was beginning to get disheartened at not feeling anything other than dry mouth. And then…zang. I don’t know when it happened but all of a sudden I was high. And I mean really REALLY high. I have never been as high as I was that night. Suddenly the music I was listening to became wider and deeper. I was singing lyrics to songs I had never heard and had a grin plastered on my face when nothing funny was said. I felt like I was dreaming. I couldn’t wake up, and I didn’t want to. I’m not sure how long passed in that shed. It felt like days before my friend finally opened the door. A visible screen of smoke exited with me as I stumbled out, unable to walk straight without the light of my cellphone (which had become incredibly interesting). It took twenty minutes to walk from that wonderful shed around to the front of his house and down his basement steps. Where we sat, watching Xavier: Renegade Angel on Cartoon Network. It was if the show could tell I was high with the way it played out. I could barely remember my own name at this point and everything felt unreal. Like I was dreaming everything. Over the next four hours I began to slowly sober up, gently coming down like a leaf from a tree outside. I had the most restful sleep of my life that night, and woke up in the morning to a new day. I felt like my whole life I had been sleeping and this one magical night woke me from that slumber. As we all said goodbye (and he gave us each a small ‘goodie bag’), I walked out into the sun feeling like I had survived this trip. I had survived the baptism by (herb and) fire. Now, three years later, I get my herbal goodness from someone who gets it from a dispensary in CA. I’ve come a long way from stems and seeds. Even got my own bong, Tigerlily (she’s on HMJ if you take a look). Now if you’ll excuse me, my phone just rang and an old friend is waiting for myself and Tigerlily in the shed behind his house. I’ve got five strains for us to choose from. The student has become the master.

  2. 18, until then i was a stupid moron who went around calling pot smokers hippies and faggots and weaklings. then one day in college we were all really bored and my room mate and I shared a joint. life changing. however i kinda loved it so much i spent all of my time doing it. flunked out. now im trying to quit my dependance on weed because im so damn lazy on pot when i dont have anyone to hang out with. i been clean for 6 days and have been using a substitute called marshmallow leaf.

  3. 13, my family is filled with stoners so i’ve always been around it. I used to get so mad when my mom would toke up, but then I grew up a little and came to accept it.. Then I grew up a little more and wanted to try it, but nobody would smoke me out since I was so young. One day, my sister approached me and asked if I knew where mom’s metal pipe was, and I said ‘Yeah I do… Hey.. Do you think I could smoke with you?’ and she was like ‘If you help me find it.’ So I went upstairs and got it, we went to the kitchen table and she packed the bowl pretty fat. She hit it and I watched her light it and how to do it, because I didn’t wanna seem stupid when I tried. I asked her if she could light it for me, and she rolled her eyes and torched it up. I took like 3 hits, and I got pretty euphoric. I wasn’t hallucinating or anything (that came later in my smoking career), but I felt so fucking happy (: Later on that night, when everyone fell asleep, there was a packed pipe on the table, so I took a few hits and blew the smoke out the window and went to take a shower.. came back out, took a shot of Jim Beam… brushed my teeth and went to sleep(:

  4. man the first time i ever hit a fucking bowl i was 14 just passing middle school got out early with some friends and went and smoked like 4 bowls and 2 or 3 blunts

  5. gratefulhead on

    I was 15 5 the first time I toked, I’m 55 now & still toking strong. prefer not to toke daily so when I do toke I get a great high. I served in the U S Navy for 9 & a half years, & never got caught. I know what being on the high seas is all about.

  6. When I was 13 when my dad bought another girl flowers on my 13 year old birthdayyy fucker but tried it in a bowl and now 20

  7. 16. I lit up with this amazing asshole. I’ll never forget the first time cannabis touched my lungs and the first boy I toked He didn’t even know it’s my first time. That was also the last. He is a compete douche but he knew how to give me a good time

  8. My first time was in my junior year at high school, I had these stoner friends who I always hung around with at smokers corner(the tree line end of the school property) because I didn’t have any other friends and plus they were pretty awesome people. So anyways one day I was telling them about how curious I was on getting stoned, and this one guy told me that the next day he was going to get me really high so naturally I was completely nervous about actually doing it. The next day I came walking to smokers corner on my 10 minute class break to find these guys all sitting in a circle and they ask me to join them and the guy who said that he was going to get me high hands me this wooden pipe that looks like a jack knife with the bowl already packed, and at this point I’m really nervous so much that my hand which was holding the pipe was shaking and this guy helps me light it and everybody keeps on telling me to inhale but of course being a newbie I did it wrong and only felt a relaxing feeling not much of a high. And the first time that I actually got high from weed(because I hadn’t smoked all that much and when I did, I did it wrong) was shortly after I turned 18, I was chilling and cruising with one of my best friends in his dodge truck, this is when I had actually purchased weed for the second time and it was AK-47 and my friend also had some weed on him and he had creeper weed. We parked by an ice rink in some small village right next to the town where I live, and during that night somewhere around midnight we started taking bat and bong rips with the combination of ak47 and creeper. about 10 minutes after our session my friend decides to drive around the village and as he drives down this country road is when the high hits me starting from legs quickly ascending to my head lol oh man I was freaking out and my friend was obviously amused at the fact of how stoned I was, lol oh fuck that was such a good time

  9. 14 with my older bro I hit it wrong and just kept it in my mouth and on the second hit I coughed like a mother. And ever since I’ve been smoking

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