Ninjas Assault and Rob a Weed Delivery Guy


The streets are HARD out there for weed delivery men. Got the feds on their asses. Got their bosses timing their delivery  (seriously, if it’s over 42 minutes, free gram?). Gotta worry about pushing that stash before it dries out.

And now they gotta worry about ninjas throwing batons at them.

The delivery man, who was in his 40s, told police that, “As he was going back to his vehicle, he was approached by two subjects in ninja costumes who chased him with batons,” the lieutenant said.

“The victim said he was scared and he dropped a bag with some marijuana and money. The suspects took it,” Henley added.

It was not clear how much cash or pot was taken, police added.

The incident remained under investigation. Police were not aware of any other recent crimes involving suspects dressed as ninjas. [SGV Tribune]

Love that matter of fact bit about the police “not aware” of other ninja-related crimes. Cause there’s so many dudes out there dressed in ninja suits running around the hood flailing batons and chasing after guys with weed. Just another day in West Covina.

But just what kind of ninjas are we talking about here? Were they dressed as Ninja Turtles? Daniel Son? Ken and Reyu from Street Fighter? Johnny Cage? The Kenny Powers-ish character in the The Foot Fist Way?  Were the batons nunchuks? The ninja race rolls deep so we need some  DETAILS.

And the delivery man didn’t provide many good ones. For that reason, I call shenanigans. The odds are just way higher that a weed delivery man would make up a story about getting jobbed by ninjas so he could smoke or sell all the bud as opposed to actually getting hijacked by ninjas.

If you’ve never seen the aforementioned The Foot Fist Way, hop on that:


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