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Parents Treating Son's Tumor With Cannabis Oil


ABC recently did a phenomenal, eye-opening segment about a pair of parents who give their brain cancer-stricken son, Kashi, cannabis oil to deal with nausea and pain. While the parents are breaking federal law, they seem to be, based on this report, saving their son’s life.

Would you send a father to jail for trying to ensure his son can turn four this year?

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  1. Government does not have the power to prohibit the use of herbs for medicinal purposes because they were given by God for that purpose, and to prohibit such use is to violate an obvious intention of the Creator. While government can regulate such use in order to maintain the health and safety of society, it cannot regulate beyond what is necessary to protect society from harm, and it cannot prohibit. The Supreme Court of Nevada said:

    “No trade can be subjected to police regulation of any kind unless its prosecution involves some harm or injury to the public or third persons, and in any case the regulation cannot extend beyond the evil which is to be restrained. … no trade can be prohibited altogether, unless the evil is inherent in the character of the trade, so that the trade, however conducted, and whatever may be the character of the person engaged in it, must necessarily produce injury upon the public or upon individual third persons.” Marymont v. Banking Board, 33 Nev. 333 (1910).

    Augustine, Aquinas, and others from our natural law tradition argued that an unjust law was no law at all. John Calvin asserted that men can and must disobey government when they deviate from God’s laws.

    From “The LAWFUL Remedy to Tyranny,” – Also see “How to Disobey Unjust Laws”

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