Phototron Inc: Indoor Growing is Wave of the Future


Phototron, a company that helped pioneer the phrase “grow your own,” believes that the future of indoor, hydroponic grow systems will be even brighter. The Gardena, California based and publicly traded business, Phototron Holdings, Inc. issued a press release today stating their belief that indoor grow operations are the wave of the future.

The press release indicates Phototron’s belief the federal crackdown on outdoor operations and medical marijuana dispensaries will in turn force or encourage medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis.

Speaking at a recent press luncheon in Sacramento, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of California Benjamin Wagner said he’s not going after medical marijuana patients and caregivers, but he is cracking down on interstate transporters, huge pot farmers and illicit dispensaries grossing tens of thousands of dollars per day. He also issues a warning to large-scale pot farmers that a season of raids in the Central Valley is coming in 2012.

“Medical marijuana patients have fewer options for obtaining their medication safely, and in many places are faced with having to travel long distances or get untested medication off the street,” said Craig Ellins, Phototron’s CEO. “So patients are increasingly growing their own medication and Phototron’s systems are perfect for personal use.”

About Phototron Holdings, Inc. Phototron Holdings, Inc. PHOT +30.00% (otcqb:PHOT) designs and manufactures cutting-edge indoor mini-greenhouses capable of year-round growth of herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits and medicines, better, stronger and faster than traditional farming methods. The Phototron Hydroponic Indoor Grow System, commonly called grow boxes, is built upon decades of research on the optimal temperature, light, water and nutrient needs of plants. The Phototron System uses proprietary lighting that mimics the sun’s rays to grow nutrient-rich, pesticide-free, eco-friendly crops faster and in more bountiful quantities than those of traditional gardening methods, resulting in fruits and vegetables of superior taste and quality.

Based on the release, it’s safe to surmise that Phototron is planning to expand their business and expect an uptick in sales in the near future. Other than that, I can’t really figure out why this warranted a press release at all. It’s more or less just the company repeating well-known facts about the cannabis industry.
And while many patients would certainly love to grow their own bud, some simply can’t afford either the time or the effort to do so. Phototron’s future may indeed be bright, but it definitely will not be because patients don’t have other means to find cannabis.

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