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  1. Shaman and Northern Lights and Agent Orange are the dankest ever. Mix them in a bong bowl and you will understand.,

  2. Loving outdoors African strains for their organic, flavor value… not to mention the 3-8 pound yields.

    Durban Poison 🙂
    Yoruba Nigeria 😉
    Malawi Gold :0

  3. Without safe access and legal regulation we are doomed to repeat the non-learned lessons of our nations eighteenth and twentieth amendments.
    Where I sit the timporarily able bodied will continue to demand control over my health care options. It will lead to continued embraces with the black market, and the unsafe living beyond enlightenment.

  4. Ladyburn from greenhouse seeds ,really happy smoke! Grew in a nordic country! Giant tree! From seed! Worked out great in 2013 home grow! Easy grow 🙂

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