Strain of the Day: Obama OG


Note: [Probably] Not the Real Barry Obama

Barack Obama may not be popular with medical marijuana advocates, but his namesake is filling the pockets of many dispensary owners. 76 dispensaries on WeedMaps currently have a form of an Obama bud on their menus. Typically, that form is Obama OG.

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Obama OG is a top shelf strain; it’s pricey but a very potent form of OG Kush. And it’s clearly a cash cow for dispensaries. As is the case with nearly all OG Kushes, Obama OG is Indica Dominant, very fluffy, and has orange hairs. While I can’t figure out  exactly what Obama OG is a cross between, it usually has a Cheesiness to it. If you ever make it into the Oval Office, help permeate the presidential suite with some Obama OG…And blame it on Barry.

Here are some dispensaries where you can currently find Obama bud:

For those in the know, what is Obama OG a cross-breed of?

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