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Texas Judge Busted with Marijuana in Hotel Room Resigns


A 58-year-old Texas judge fought his own state’s misguided law and the law won. Guadalupe County Judge Mike Wiggins was attending a law convention in College Station. After what was surely a boring day of lectures on law, Wiggins went up to his room on the fifth floor, kicked back, and lit up.

Unfortunately, the judge has apparently never heard of the modern-aged spoof: the Smoke Buddy. After he hot-boxed his room, a bellman alerted the hotel’s security to that oh so wretched stench of cannabis and police found a grinder, rolling papers, and a sack of weed on Wiggins. But the situation soon went from bad to worse for Wiggins after he was let out of jail on $3,000 bond.

For weeks people in Guadalupe County have been asking for Wiggins to step down from office. Jeremiah Arevalo and his group have been protesting in downtown Seguin for the past several weekends.

“We decided to name the rally ‘Wiggins Out,'” said Arevalo.

Arevalo told News 4 WOAI he attended Tuesday’s meeting where Wiggins announced he would step down.

“Were happy that David defeated Goliath. The people rose in small numbers and we got the victory,” Arevalo went on to say. [WOAI.com]

Mr. Arevalo and his “Wiggins Out” crew view a judge with small amounts of bud as “Goliath” when their state’s border gets infiltrated with truck loads of cannabis from Mexico on a daily basis. Sorry, but this seems more like a case of David defeating David than David defeating Goliath.

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Based on this story, the views on pot are an even bigger joke in Texas than in other non-medical marijuana states. A plant should never be worth “wigging out” for.

Do you think a judge on weed would be any less unjust than a judge with a “clean conscience”?

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  2. United States of ZioNaziland. How many people did he send to jail for smoking cannabis? The land of the free where you don’t have the right to the control of your own mind and body, where the ZioNazi fascist pigs have a patent on marijuana/cannabis saying it is an antioxidant, neuroprotectant, anti-aging substance but the DEA fascist swine say it has no medicinal use. We are lead by dead soul, infinitely greedy empty carcases, straight up bold face liars. Why do Zionists follow the Jewish tradition of not eating pigs? Answer: They would have to eat themselves.

    • Use real words, and make real points please. “ZioNazi fascist pigs”? Really, we will never get people to take the legalization movement seriously if we all keep talking like stoned hippies.

  3. THIS IS NOT A FREE COUNTRY, and no country will ever be free until its citizens can do whatever they want, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else, putting anyone else in real danger, or stealing. People need to mind their own business and stop trying to control others and stop putting them in cages cause they don’t like what those people are doing. We need to do away with this stupid representative government and represent ourselves, we have telephones and computers now, we have instant communication, no more corrupt representative BS. “Campaign contributions” are bribes, plain and simple.

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