Three Washington Dispensaries Raided, Five Arrested


Medical marijuana dispensaries have all but been eradicated from the already dry town of Bellingham, Washington. Yesterday afternoon, local authorities raided and shut down three out of the nine known dispensaries in Bellingham: the KGB Collective, The Joint Cooperative, and Northern Cross.

Two individuals were arrested at Northern Cross, one at At The Joint, and two more at KGB Collective. All three collectives were issued letters to cease and desist their activity on March 9th, as local authorities claimed they were operating illegally. The collectives, however, remained open and a mere week later the police decided to intervene.

The decision of the police to use handcuffs was met with criticism from an attorney that, ironically, today filed a temporary motion that would allow the dispensaries to remain open.

“We want to get in court as quickly as we can so we can relay to a judge what’s gone down today,” Bricken said Thursday. “In our opinion, the handcuffs did not need to come out. What (the collectives are) doing is lawful.” [Bellingham Herald]

There was, reportedly, a three month investigation into the “illegal activities” going on at these collectives. The report did not, however, really state exactly what these “illegal activities” that “constitute criminal behavior” are–aside from the fact that they were involved in the “sale and distribution of marijuana.” Which is, of course, technically legal.
If you have any more details surrounding the mess in Bellingham, let us know in the comments. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted on their ongoing battle.


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  1. Its to bad the fed can`t leave the clinics alone. They are legal under state law and should be allowed to remain open. If the fed has a problem with the state law. then deal with it in court, period. Threats, intimidation, lies, theft, harm, are the tools of thugs, not those, intent on serving the people.

  2. stoneygreenbud on

    This wasn’t even the Feds work, the article said it was done by “local authorities” not the feds. it would seem to me, that there must have been some evidence that showed that these clinics were not operating in compliance with state law. the same thing happened a few months ago, here in Pierce County, WA.

    About a dozen clinic’s were raided in pierce/kitsap & thurston counties, but there was another 15 to 20 clinic’s that were left alone, and are still open today. There seems to be a fine line as to what is acceptable for the clinic’s to operate and what is not. Then again, not everyone that runs one of these clinic’s is doing it for the right reasons, which is for patient access to their needed meds. and it’s those clinic’s that are hurting our cause. ~Stoney~

  3. The already dry town of Bellingham? We are flooding! I support the dispensaries for what they are doing for the people without connections who are in need of mediacation. Keep up the fight. Its only a matter of time…..hopes high!

  4. living in a constitution free zone definitely sucks. Any state in america within 100 miles from the canadian border or 100 miles from the mexican border or 100 miles from any kohls told border is technically now a constitution free zone. In layman’s terms of your fourth amendment has been revoked. The store do you say now do not need any right to stop search and sees candy cane you or your possession

  5. Local authorities CANNOT do anything because on a state level its legal to distribute cannabis, only a federal agent can inter-vein. The same thing is going on in CA and its a shame.. agreed 🙁
    i am no criminal, i am a patient!

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