What's Your Favorite Trippy Film?


Some people are of the belief you need to go outside and immerse yourself in nature to truly enjoy the affects of  marijuana or psychedelic drugs. But sometimes staying inside, tuning the entire outside world out, and putting a on a visually stimulating film is just as enjoyable. Since really, anything looks good while lifted or otherwise, it’s a tough question to answer. But if I had to choose one, it’d be Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555

What’s your favorite trippy movie to watch while spun?

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  1. I cant watch anything for more then 10 minutes tripping.
    Like Id just wander off because something catches my eye and forget I was ever watching anything.
    I prefer outside and big parks when im tripping.

  2. After a fat tasty crip joint of KGB – All things in life appear trippy. As to the Answer … The Real (Desperate) Housewives of Orange County. That’s a seriously freaky show

  3. A Clockwork Orange is the trippiest. It’s seconded by Smiley Face, which is the most epic movie you will ever watch while stoned. A Clockwork Orange is wayy trippier but Smiley Face definatly more kick ass. I’ve never seen a movie fully encompass what it’s like to be high, until i saw Smiley Face. It portrays what it’s like to be high PERFECTLY! It’s kinda weird, really. By the way the cover of the movie doesn’t have a name it’s just a smiley face. LOOK THAT S**T UP!

  4. Sir Kinsey III on

    Totally Baked for sure. No, not Half Baked. Totally Baked. It was made for stoners. Just as your attention is starting to wane from the story, they toss in a ten minute pot comic. Just as you forget you were watching that movie, they put you back to the movie. It’s interspersed with a bunch of fun facts about weed and it a goofy good time. I recommend everyone see it, it’s available on Hulu.

  5. The Big Lebowski, with Jeff Bridges, at least I think that’s the correct title.. It was trippy to be sure, he was always stoned, and always bowling…Maybe it was the inherent Polish bowler inside me or the weed i smoked when I saw it, but it’s always good for a groovy time.

  6. I would definitely recommend the movie,WELCOME TO WOOP WOOP. Its an old 70s movie but funny, over the top, under the bottom
    with a definitely 90 turn!

  7. Lost Highway – by David Lynch, great music great film, hard enough to keep your head straight if you start with a straight head
    U-Turn – by Oliver Stone, story of going from bad to worse in the coolest/creepiest way like you know it can (more like a bad trip than “trippy” I guess but it’s an enjoyable ride to the dark side)

  8. HarvestHoney on

    Donnie Darko…. for sure my favorite movie to watch baked….. Time travel…..awesome theory to try and wrap your mind around, stoned or sober quite a trippy flick.

  9. feelinallright on

    the best thing to do wile high is play somethin like halo with some other people. i forget that its a game i feel like im actually in it, try it some time.

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