Where Did Rick Ross Find Linsanity OG Kush?


The NBA approves.

And the answer is GGR (Gourmet Green Room) in West Los Angeles, which has evidently been Rosay’s dispensary of choice for quite some time, as the above video–which was uploaded slightly more than a year ago–indicates. After Ross’ tweet went viral, I dug a little deeper on WeedMap, discovering that along with GGR, two other dispensaries are carrying Lin OG.

I also caught up with an inside source and discovered the following:

  • Rick Ross did indeed purchase the Linsanity OG from GGR
  • Linsanity OG is selling like hot cakes–even though it’s priced at $60 an eighth
  • The demand is high–Linsanity OG brings in new clientele to dispensaries carrying it
  • It’s been around for a month now–it just didn’t make news until Rick Ross endorsed it
  • Not all Linsanity’s are created equal–it’s listed as an Indica at two of the shops and a Hybrid at one

The other two dispensaries carrying Linsanity are La Confidential Caregivers in Hollywood and 420 Specialists in Moreno Valley. However, prices run the gambit. At 420 Specialists, it’s $55 an eighth for their Indica “Linsanity!” At $50 an eighth, La Confidential’s Hybrid “Linsanity OG” is the cheapest (and probably worst) form of Linsanity.

In other words: no form of Linsanity is the same as another. The respective growers or dispensaries have taken a form of OG Kush (and each a different one, likely) and renamed it under the guise of Linsanity. While medical marijuana purists may take offense at this move, it is an extremely smart marketing ploy by all of these dispensaries, and one that is surely paying off.

Jeremy Lin is (or was) the hottest story in the sports world, and everybody wants a piece of him–even in nugget form. Say what you want about the morality of using misnomers for strain, but it happens all the time at collective across the country. In reality, any dispensary not carrying Linsanity OG is missing out on a stellar business opportunity and a way to put their collective on the map.

While I haven’t had a chance to sample any of these Linsanities (I will soon), judging by the prices, GGR has the finest one. Plus, you’d hope that Rick Ross knows a thing or two about nugs and only buys fire.

Have you tried Linsanity OG yet? If so, how would you rate it–is it actually a top shelf strain or is it strictly a gimmick? And for frequenters of the GGR location–have you ever had the chance to burn one with Teflon Don?

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