Who's the Best Weed Rapper Alive?


Lil Wayne is the self proclaimed best rapper alive. But do guys like Curren$y, Action Bronson, Styles P, and Wiz Khalifa have better weed-centric lyrics than Weezy? Let us know who the best WEED rapper alive is in the comments.

Note: We’ll do the deceased rappers some other time…

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  1. It’s a tough question. It’s a tie between Weezy and Wiz Khalifa. They ought to do a song together on weed

  2. Markus Anderson on

    This is like asking whats the best T.V. show is, and then listing American Idol,the bachelor and glee as the “obvious choices”

    Anyways IMO, the best weed rap group is Cypress Hill,
    The best weed rapper ever would be B.I.G.

  3. definitely Method Man or Nas. but really, most rappers smoke weed, so you might as well have just asked “best rapper alive”

  4. I can not believe that no one has mentioned your rappers favourite rapper Devin the Dude. At least 5 of his albums are genuine masterpieces and all of his lyrics are about weed, wine and women… YOU NEED TO LIGHT A BLUNT TO THIS MUSIC!!!. Enjoy…

  5. I’m glad someone made an argument for Devin the Dude, but just from what I listen to on a day-to-day basis, I gotta say wiz

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  8. glad my favorites (Kottonmouth Kings and Cypress Hill) were mentioned but some other really good ones are Los Marijuanos, The Alchemist (The Vodka and Ayahuasca album- they don’t rap about weed too much but theyre good when you’re high), Dr. Dre, Warren G,… i could go on forever

  9. Wiz khalifa most definitely listening to Taylor allderdice right now. I like “the grinder” and “guiltyconscience” the most

  10. Snoop all the way. Always rappin bout weed plus it’s fuckin snoop! High all day everyday. Snoop and Wiz did a kickass job with the movie Mac and devin go to High school. Instant cult classic… Smoke til ya choke!

  11. B-real, method man, red man and Andre 3000 don’t get me wrong snoop dogg is the biggest stoner but when your talking lyrically he doesn’t touch the other 4

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