A Brief Guide to How You Can Celebrate This 4/20


420 is typically an excuse for people to smoke more weed than usual. While I don’t expect that trend to change, this year’s 4/20 falls on a Friday–which means even more celebrations than usual will happen across the country (and the globe) in a couple days.

Granted, it’s no coincidence that promoters and entertainment companies target 4/20 as a day to throw an event or release their product. Given the recent surge by marijuana into mainstream society, it’s become much more socially acceptable and profitable for people to do just that.

So here’s a list of ten events and activities that you should consider this 4/20. If you’re not too locked to that couch.

1. The High Times Cannabis Cup. There is no better way to celebrate 4/20 than with an event that is centered around weed, weed, and more weed. If you’re on the West Coast, the premier 4/20-centric event is (clearly) the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver. The WeedMaps crew will be present and in full affect, with a DJ booth, models, and the works. If you’re still awake by night, Cypress Hill is also performing at the Ogden Center in Denver that evening. (Tickets are only $70 if you use the WeedMaps link).

 2. 420 movies.The first ever comprehensive Bob Marley documentary, titled Marley, hits theaters on 4/20. But if you’re lazy (and/or cheap), you can stream the film on Facebook on Friday. Another film, High School, also hits theaters this Friday. That movie features a tatted up Adrien Brody as a pot-dealing psychopath. Heavy medication is recommended to fully enjoy that one. Since a ticket to the movies is half a gram of medicinal marijuana, staying in and streaming Marley might be the move. And if you’re lazy, just hit up Blockbuster (if the one near you isn’t vacant), Netflix, or OnDemand and pop in a stoner film.

3. Hit up a nearby college campus. If you live in the Denver/Boulder area and can’t afford the Cannabis Cup, head to Boulder and bring the ruckus. The college has said they’re closing the campus to “infidels”, but given the tradition there, we expect that will be an impossible task.  That said, Boulder isn’t the only school that throws down for 4/20. And being that it falls on a Friday this year, you can expect college campuses to be celebrating the event more religiously than they normally would. Campus quads on 4/20 turn into giant smoke sessions. For one day, alcohol cedes way to pot and students are A LOT more friendly. Especially if you have really good weed and are generous with it. So if you live near a campus, head over to the Book Store, by a school shirt, and roam the quad with a pocket full of J’s. You won’t be lonely for long.

4. Amusement Parks. Screw the groundhog. 4/20 is the start of summertime. And there’s no better way to signify the start of summer than throwing on a tank and a bathing suit and heading to a Six Flags (or other). When you smoke yourself retarded (as is customary on 4/20), mindless activities become even more attractive then usual. I can’t think of a more mindless activity than riding around on roller coasters, getting soaked in a log flume, and eating some soft serve ice cream (and if you’re like me, some Wok & Roll that’s great going in, not so much going out). As an alternative, I recommend miniature golf, lazer tag, or, god forbid, a game of pickup basketball. The holiday is meant to be spent outside.

5. Concerts/live music. For music heads, Coachella is the premier event this weekend. But not everyone can afford tickets to Coachella. If you want to head out on 4/20 and hit an event, there’s plenty of options. Head over to Jambase, type your region in, and pick your poison. Since we’re based in Cali, here are a few West Coast events happening. The fifth annual “The 420 Festival” in San Bernardino. Also in Denver, Rusko and DJ Shadow are performing at the 1st Bank Center in Denver on Friday. Locally, there are countless acts this Friday, such as Seedless in Santa Ana. If you’re in New York City, what better way to celebrate this holiday by attending a CREED concert. Just kidding. Rodrigo y Gabriela is playing a show at Radio City Music Hall, and Cedric Cervais is will help kids find Molly all night long at Pacha. Both very different yet appealing options for the typical East Coast stoner. For San Francisco bass-heads, there’s a Zeds Dead concert (Sativa recommended).

6. Festivals. If you’re located in the Bay Area, the Deep Green Festival in Richmond should be the perfect way for you to spend this 4/20. Another notable festival occurring this weekend is the SweetWater festival in Atlanta. This event stuck out to me because it’s being thrown by a brewing company. And contrary to popular belief, this celebration isn’t strictly limited to cannabis. Cold brews are more than appropriate. Other festivals include the Austin Raggae Festival (Texas), The Dope Cup (Seattle), the San Francisco Cannabis Club Awards, and the West Chester University Earth Day Fair (New York). There’s a bunch of other festivals–music and otherwise–going on this weekend. A quick Google search or scan of Facebook will provide other options local to you.

7. Hit up a local park (code for: take ‘shrooms). Victoria Park in London, Ontario has one of the largest worldwide 4/20 celebrations out there. Like Boulder, the cuffs are being put on that event as well. We doubt that’ll prevent the smoke from rising. Amsterdam, Prague, Paris. If you name a major city in the world, the parks in that city will be extra smokey come Friday. But your local, run of the mill park or reservation isn’t out of the question either. Call in sick, gather a couple buddies, and get lifted while you relax and admire the clouds.

8. Activism. Contact your local NORML chapter. There are constantly events occurring, and even more so on this 4/20. If all else fails, go to the city or town hall nearby. Smoke a joint at the foot of the steps. Hold a sign that says Legalize. Wear your running shoes.

9. Throw a rager. If none of these events are appealing to you–or you just don’t like being social with strangers, buy an ounce, buy a couple of kegs and invite your friends over. And smoke blunts. Lots of them.

10. Treat it like any other day (lame). Stay home, smoke yourself silly, and peruse Reddit. Repeat step two repeatedly throughout the day.

What’s your plan this 4/20? Let us know in the comments.

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  2. WHAT ABOUT EAST COAST? i need some stoner friends but i cant exactly go around going, “do you wanna be my stoner friend?”

  3. west coast san diego ,cali. Heading out to balboa park for earth day,then the zoo for a couple of hours and then finish the day off at the world beat center. so, i can listen to some sweet irie tunes!

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  5. Can’t smoke as I am currently unemployed and must pass a drug test when I finally get that far in my job search. What really sucks is that I have a brick weighing at least 1/4 ounce stuffed into a cylindrical container less than 2 feet from me and I can’t touch it. I am spending some of the day on the computer reading up on where we stand on legalization and I am feeling good about what I am seeing this year 🙂

  6. The flea market will do the advertising but you need the cost of banners and fliers that you have at your booth. You can buy great foods instead of buying low-priced bags. You might be lucky and find one on sale, but it’s hardly fertile ground for a true bargain hunter.

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