Blue Ivy Kush: Photos and Strain Review


Blue Ivy was born to the proud parental unit of Jay-Z and Beyonce on January 7th in New York City. Since then, her namesake has been adopted by many a medical marijuana dispensary in the form of Cali’s finest: Kush.

Naming a strain after a baby of two celebrities is (obviously) a gimmicky move by dispensaries–but a clever one that, trust me, works. So yes, “Blue Ivy Kush” is clearly a fictitious strain with no legitimate genetics or ingenuity behind it. That, said, it’s not quite as nonsensical as, say, Linsanity.

It’s quite possible that when you purchase Blue Ivy Kush that you’re actually purchasing Kushberry (a cross between OG Kush and Blueberry) or a cross of OG Kush and Blue Dream. And really, when it looks (and hopefully tastes) this good, who cares what it is? If it gets the job done, it gets the job done.

One thing all these dispensaries agree on (definitely not price) is that Blue Ivy Kush is Indica dominant (as you would expect). The one time I puffed “Blue Ivy” and that came courtesy of Platinum 45 (Blue Ivy OG) in Santa Ana and it definitely had an OG Kush way about it with a slight berry flavor. Very heavy, very Kushy, and very delicious.

Will it be the same at every dispensary? Obviously not. But if you’re really ambitious, you can head to one of the 32 dispensaries that currently have a variety of it available to get jiggy with. Here are five of those:

Platinum 45 Collective in Santa Ana

GGR in West Los Angeles

THC Van Nuys in the Valley (Van Nuys)

Quality Medical Collective in Chino

Le Shoppe Cooperative in San Jose

Does it bother you when dispensaries use catchphrases or gimmicks for strain names or could you not care less as long as it gets you medicated?

Each day, will highlight a strain of Medical Marijuana. In an effort to show you that strains can vary much based on the environment they’re grown and what seeds are used. If you have smoked today’s strain of cannabis before, let us know what you think of it in the comments and if it looked like this.

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  1. Catwoman69y2k on

    You know, it kind of does get a “meh” reaction out of me when I see a strain being named after a celebrity….especially if said strain is an existing strain that just got renamed. Now, this isnt to say that I have never bought medicine because of what it was named (this last weekend I picked up Gasface because it sounds like “gasmask” which is something Im really into and that I sell out of my home) but I just dont see the place for the “trend following” aspect of pop culture…especially in my medicine

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