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British Columbia's Mayors Push for Legalizing Cannabis


The coalition seeking to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis in the British Columbia province of Canada received some major support today as eight B.C. mayors have signed a letter that asks Premier Christy Clark, NDP leader Adrian Dix, and Conservative leader John Cummins to consider legalizing weed in the province.

Among the mayors lending support to this movement are Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson and Burnaby’s Derek Corrigan. The reason for the support is to minimize gang activity and violent crime related to the illegal marijuana trade, as well as reduce costs associated with enforcement of anti-marijuana legislation. The letter pleads for leaders to “take a new approach to marijuana regulation.”

Robertson, in a press release [via The Vancouver Sun], clarified that “this is not a partisan issue. Widespread access to marijuana for our youth, grow-ops that provide funds for organized crime, and significant costs to taxpayers for enforcement are all compelling reasons to re-examine our failed approach to prohibition.”

The coalition has also released polls in recent months that indicate a wide majority of B.C. citizens favor legalization and regulation of marijuana over the region’s current cannabis laws. And, the support is not limited to the mayors that signed the letter. A number of former mayors and attorney generals in British Columbia have also voiced their support for the movement.

Coalition founder Dr. Evan Wood had this to say: “We are seeing community leaders around the province take charge and decisively call for action from senior levels of government to change the status quo regarding marijuana policy. It is time for our provincial and federal leaders to listen to what the public is saying, engage in discussion, and come to a resolution that better reflects the wishes of their constituents.”

Do you think this bid in British Columbia will be successful?

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  1. well its about damn time!! lol. by legalizing weed and selling it in the same way as say tobacco would eliminate the cost of policing minor infractions besides its already okay to smoke it so they may as well make it okay to buy and possess it. also legalizing marijuana would cut down on the amount of people who smoke tobacco. if i could go into a store and buy weed rather than cigarettes i would. weed is also vastly safer than alcohol in every way and yet alcohol is legal so why not weed. taxing might be difficult as it is just that, a weed, but if they follow the example of say california’s growing laws there can be ways around it i’m sure. also by legalizing weed they can focus their attentions on the more serious drugs like crack and heroin that is actually doing damage to society.

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