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Do Pets Get High?


Any stoner who has had a dog or a cat nearby has probably tried to get them high. Most people blow smoke in the pet’s ear and watch as they get wobbly or tired. But, at least in my experience, the pet generally doesn’t seem to like the exposure to marijuana and quickly you learn to leave your pet alone. After all, who would want to get something high against their will?

A new article by The Humane Society in Boulder [Via Daily Camera] seeks to advise residents of one of the nation’s most marijuana-saturated areas (and, likewise, all of us) that pets do not get high like people do and that THC can be toxic to your pets.

In regards to whether or not your pet gets high, the article explains that “marijuana exposure in pets causes neurologic toxicity, which is not the same as the ‘high’ that people experience. The symptoms (staggering, agitation, stupor, etc.) that develop in pets do not appear enjoyable for them.” Basically, it sounds like pets do not receive any of the best effects of weed, like euphoria or pain relief.

The article also warns that marijuana can, in fact, hurt your pet. With the vast majority of THC exposure cases being in dogs (95%), the most common way they are being hurt is by eating edibles clearly meant for their master. While secondhand smoke and ingestion of actual pot can also result in sick pups, it is clear that the biggest risk for animals is when someone leaves a cookie or brownie where the dog can eat it. To avoid this, keep edibles and weed in places where your pet cannot reach them, and when you smoke either smoke with your pet in a separate room or in a well-ventilated area.

If your pet does appear sick from overexposure to THC, seek the help of your veterinarian immediately. The likely treatment would be to induce vomiting or activated charcoal to limit THC exposure. In more severe cases, the vet may need to help the pet manage seizures and breathe correctly.

It is also important to note that veterinarians are not obligated to report marijuana exposure in pets, so you shouldn’t have legal concerns when admitting to a veterinarian that the pet has come into contact with marijuana or marijuana products.

Have you ever tried to get your pet high? Do you disagree and think that your pet likes weed?

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  1. MisterBadBungleFish on

    i once thought about it, but had a feeling that it was not a wise decision. so i did not do it. makes me wonder if sublime ever smoked up their dogs? hope not, if its toxic!

  2. “marijuana exposure in pets causes neurologic toxicity, which is not the same as the ‘high’ that people experience.
    The symptoms (staggering, agitation, stupor, etc.) that develop in pets do not appear enjoyable for them.”

    What scientific study proves this. My dog taught me not to blow it in his ear, that can cause irritation, you aren’t
    supposed to blow in someones ear or a animal it could damage their eardrum.
    However my dogs and cats love to sit in my lap when I am smoking a bowl.

    My dog will often get right in my face when I am smoking especially exhaling. My cat will sniff, literally sniff the air where
    smoke is. I have seen mountain lions do this, though I don’t suggest trying to get a mountain lion to shotgun with you.
    Squirels and other wild animals, that are comparitively fond of you or you habitate with will deliberately inhale the smoke.

    Whether this is a behavior of mimicing or if it actually an attempt to get stoned. I dunno, I am not an expert, I did not do
    a study.

    I no longer attempt to get my animals stoned, they just inhale my smoke. Oh they wont linger in it, my cat obviously gets
    a good dose of smoke cause she coughs and spits. Which actually is kind of funny to watch her run into the smoke take
    a sniff and run behind me coughing. I did not teach this behavior, I blew smoke at them they ran off and later come back
    and started sniffing the smoke.

    Many animals in the wild will eat cannabis and some of the same species wont. Deer will eat the Buds off your whole crop
    and bounce off and run straight into a tree. (Seen it happen more than once.)

    What is known is that animals can recieve a contact high. That means that you can transfer residual chemicals on your
    skin through petting to the animal.

    While you probably should not blow smoke in their ear, you probably should not attempt to teach your animal to smoke with
    you, I see no verifiable proof, besides someones word on it. They don’t even have a doctorate. I don’t just believe everything I see.

      • “dogs don’t have eardrums.” well then how do you expect them to hear? think about that. they do have eardrums, as well as cats and humans.

    • Okay, one day I blew smoke in my dogs ear because I didn’t know it was a bad thing to do. Well ever since that one day he has walked up to me and turns his ear to me. Like he literally wants me to blow it in his ear. Then shortly after he acts the same way I do. He sits here and chills with me and gets the munchies. My dog doesn’t act weird or anything. He acts like a high human. Which is why I thought he enjoys it and actually wants to smoke with me since he gives me his ear.

  3. Yes my dogs have gotten up and into places I never thought possible to steal my edibles and yes they did get high. Luckily I found out right after they did it and immediately fed them a bunch of canned food. It was something I would never do on purpose since they clearly looked like they were tripping but I kept an eye on them and they were fine. Now I’m much more careful about hiding them even better and feel terrible they got into them.

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  5. Wow! This was a very helpful article!! I had no idea that pot can affect an animal is such ways. There have been many occasions, either at a friends house or your own for that matter… When you see your animal you want to share the wealth, i now know not to go forth with that and will be sharing that with all my stoner friends!!

  6. This is sooo stupid. You guys are freaking out for nothing. See, ( I don’t know if it’s any different for a cat ) dogs ears are different than They actually DON’T have an ear drum. It’s just the auditory tube leading straight to the cerebral corex where the THC receptors are located. Most mammals have THC receptors. Hmmm, weird? No. It’s not. You guys need to do research. My mom had a bird who was horribly obnoxious and mean and would tear the shit out of you when he wasn’t high. Whenever you would light a J around him, he’d actually unlatch his cage to get out so he could shot gun the weed. And now my dog, whenever she knows I’m smoking, crawls right into my lap and puts her head against my face. It calms her down, because she’s some sort of terrier mix. Usually wayyyy too hyperactive, thus the weed calming her down. Now, don’t do it every day. I do this about once a week, and she loves it.

  7. My Dog LOVES to get High. Everytime I start to toke, my dog is right there in my face ready for his hit!!! He is a straight up Stoner just like me!!!

    • My dog had to spend the night in the doggie ER with IV fluids and charcoal after being exposed to weed. It was an expensive way to learn that dog do not respond well to being exposed to weed.

      • If he had charcoal he obviously ate the weed so don’t act like its the same as getting a cloud blown in his face dogs can save people from house fires and run through smoke this author is just fried.

  8. Anyone who has ever taken classes at a community college, or even stayed awake in high school, knows they must always verify any source of information. Step one, always be critical of any .com website. Anybody can own a .com website, so the data can be merely an opinion or someone’s unjustified belief. In other words, just because this site says its bad doesn’t mean it’s true. Before you make up your mind, find a .org or .edu site and see what an actual research report shows on it. This subject is touchy, but a legitimate article would help all of us come to an intelligent decision on the matter.

  9. I feel like everyone responds differently to marijuana. Some people get sleepy, some get energy. Its an appetite suppressant for some and it gives some the munchies. Some people get tripped out and some people get chilled the fuck out. Why cant animals be the same? I believe my yorkie loves it. My cat doesn’t care for it too much.

  10. It doesn’t matter what people post and how much it’s researched. If you are a stoner you will say anything and everything to justify being stoned your whole life and even getting your pets hooked on it based off some junk science you come up with. Idiots.

      • Every drug is addictive. Alcohol. Cigarettes. I know plenty of people who smoke it and the majority of them can’t go a single day without it.

        • I never try to get my pets high simply because I would have no way to know if they would like it or not… I’d gladly share it though if they just ask 🙂

        • The difference is that alcohol and ciggies are terrible for your health. You have to be pretty careless to get to the point where you have to smoke mj everyday and even if you do it is usually a choice. Most cig and alcohol addicts think they have to smoke or drink to get through the day where as people choose to smoke mj daily do so because they feel they are happier.

        • Technically anybody can get an addiction to anything. Believe it or not people have had addictions to eating beds and even stranger things. With that being sad, marijuana has been proven to have no addictive properties. Search it up, it’s true.

        • They can go a day without it they just don’t want to no one forces it to your mouth. You won’t die if u look away from it

  11. Dogs and cats actually do really well with CBD vs THC, the other component in hemp. Like us, it treats chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, etc. and is not at all harmful to your pet. So if someone is actually looking to give their pet relief from an ailment, this is the better route. There are many companies making CBD products for both humans and our furry babies 🙂

  12. My cat loves the smell of marijuana. She gears the lighter and she comes running trying to smell the bowl! Never seen any effects though.

  13. Every time I light up my dog and cat will come over to me immediately. My cat jumps on the top of my couch and comes up behind me and will try and stick her face in my ex hale or will even try and put her nose in my bong if smoke is still coming out. The dog just sits beside me on the couch and trys to catch a little wiff now and again. But I don’t make them, they seem to come get high by choice.

  14. My dog is 11 years old and has never been forced to get high, however, she will follow the smokeables around the circle. She also eats stems and stray buds, and can sniff out a bag anywhere. On the contrary she has also overdosed on THC by eating a hash cookie on the ground. She did not get seizures, although she has had stress induced seizures in the past. The vet said to keep an eye on her, and make sure she stays hydrated, but didn’t really have any more suggestions.

    I believe if it is something your animal seeks out, allow consumption a monitored environment, and never force your pet to get stoned.

    • I live for my animals, I’m sorry to hear about your furry friend Paul. A cannabis tincture purchased from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary could provide your cat some relief.

  15. I blew about 5 hits of smoke into my kittens face a couple days and she seemed to enjoy it but can your cat get too high?

  16. OBVIOUSLY a dog would get sick eating pot brownies seeing as the CHOCOLATE in the brownie would be more toxic than the amount of thc… it would be sick eating a NORMAL brownie.

    • I’m pretty sure dogs aren’t even doing that. Just google encyclopedia and get into the link so see the words yourself! #foryourhealth

  17. That might be true in some cases but I know plenty of dogs that cone straight to their owner anytime they smoke and deliberately let you blow smoke towards them and in their face. I’ve seen that so many times I know for a fact at least some pets like smoking for sure. Over and out, peace

  18. Lol our dog loves getting high, every time we smoke it basically asks us to get high. He comes over and sits down faving right at us and will bark if we don’t blow a hit in his mouth😂and then he gets all energetic and funny..we’ve also offered him Jameson and he will lap it up out of my hand everytime. And he has never gotten sick from it, not once👌so dont be afraid to get your animal high, they might enjoy it

  19. As a teen I had a friend who had a cat who would run up, jump on hus lap and put it’s face in a funnel so he could blow a toke through it. The cat had a long life. I’ve had plenty of cats but have never really tried to get them high.
    Anyway, cat is 6 years old and always seemed to hate smoke. I love him tons and would never hurt him but today he jumped up on my bed while i was taking and just sat there with an expectant look on his face. I exhaled a few small blasts in front of him and he stuck his face in and he was sniffing. I blew another couple and he did the same, had himself a small cleaning sesh and went to sleep. Been poking him and reading about the effects online for 30 mins and honestly, I’m happy for the little bastard. He’s so calm hahaha

  20. I’ve been getting my cat high since i got him home from the shelter at 6weeks old, hrs been getting high, nearly every day since, he is now a year and a half, and honestly he’s just a much happier kitty when he us high he’s not as much of a dick.

  21. Did anybody think that perhaps the dog/cat/bird/fish (haha) was simply understanding that when the loved one gets out the stinky weed and fire They will be super fun to be around. The pets now have their favorite people under their “thumbs”. These high people will now proceed to rub your ears, belly, back, what ever you need, for a really, really long time. Then, these people will usually, almost always, FEED me stuff. All kinds of good stuff; pet foods, people foods, junk food. It’s a pets’ paradise🐭🐱🐔

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