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Do These Look Like People That Smoke Weed? (Video)


The concept is simple. Send a cameraman to Hollywood Boulevard. Search for the most random collection of characters the Walk of Fame has to offer. Ask those characters a simple question: Do You Smoke Pot?

The result is all kinds of awesome (and  a must watch):

The ongoing progression from generic, reserved white people to stereotypical stoners (the hippy and the black men) is perfectly executed. The reason why this comes off so genuine and funny: it’s playful, it’s accurate, and it’s honest.

But there is indeed an over-arching theme and implication here: a lot of different types of people smoke weed and it really isn’t a big deal. The topic has become a comfortable enough subject at this point and time that ABC’s long-running late night show can easily get away with running a segment like this. And that’s a good thing for the entire movement, even if it may be a bit in jest.

To conclude: people are okay with admitting they smoke weed–it’s not, as ESPN would like you to believe–an evil product. It’s no longer taboo. It’s here. It’s real. And it’s a part of normal (and yes, not so normal) people’s everyday lives.

Would you admit you smoke weed on National Television?

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