Green Crack: Photos and Strain Review


Crack is whack. Unless it’s Green Crack. Then it’s wonderful. Green Crack is a very potent Sativa. It’s a head-spinner that can give you an impulsive high with racing thoughts–why else would it have “Crack” in its name? Green Crack also has got a pungent smell that isn’t quite as fruity as most Sativas. And it’s, of course, very, very green.

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Like LSD, Green Crack comes by its name honestly. It’s also much safer to consume than the substance it gets its name from. Now go get Green Cracked out.

Featured Green Crack courtesy of Wonderland Collective in Los Angeles.

Each day, will highlight a strain of Medical Marijuana. In an effort to show you that strains can vary much based on the environment they’re grown and what seeds are used. If you have smoked today’s strain of cannabis before, let us know what you think of it in the comments and if it looked like this.

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