Israel Police Will "Not Tolerate" Nation's 4/20 Celebration


Israeli authorities are no longer kosher with the nation’s annual 4/20 festivity, “Marijuana Day.” Stating that the event “constitutes a blatant violation of the law” and that such an event “would not be tolerated,” Israel’s police force have refused to give “Marijuana Day” their stamp of approval.

In protest of this, Israel’s activist group, Dor Emet (“Truth Generation”), are appealing the decision to the High Court of Law, reports The Jerusalem Post. The High Court has given the police two weeks to justify its position against Tel Aviv’s smoke session, so all hope is not lost for Israelites.

As cannabis continues to assimilate itself into mainstream culture, the world’s unofficial cannabis holiday is seeing some backlash worldwide. Aside from Tel Aviv, officials in Boulder, Colorado, as we told you last week, also do not want their city transformed into a giant hot box on 4/20. And in both places, where weed is quite prevalent, it seems like an unnecessary fight. If Boulder is America’s capital for stoners, then Tel Aviv could very well be the world’s.

Marijuana and hashish use is extremely prevalent in Israel. So much, in fact, that a recent (albeit biased) report stated that Israel leads the world in medical marijuana use. Anyone that’s been to Israel, whether on a Birthright trip or to visit family, comes back with the same observation: hash is very, very easy to find in Israel. And many Israeli soliders smoke it as well.

Which makes it even stranger that the country is putting the nix on their 4/20 celebration. Yahweh most certainly does not approve of this move.


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