LA Shuttle Will Take You on a Dispensary Tour (Really)


On Saturday March 31st, the maiden voyage of a medical marijuana shuttle service embarked down Colorado Boulevard in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, carrying four people to a local dispensary and back, all free of charge. Has a dream for lazy stoners finally come true? No, Tim Ryder, leader of Cannabis Clubs United With the Community, has more nobel intentions in mind, simply looking for a safe way for medical marijuana patients to travel for their medicine, while uniting the local collectives with the community of which they are a part.

For those interested in taking advantage of this local service, the shuttle’s starting point is the east parking lot of the Eagle Rock Recreation Center, located at 7550 N. Figueroa St., on the corner of Eagle Vista Drive and runs to House Of Kush on 1632 Colorado Blvd, supposedly hitting up other shops along the way. The free service will run every Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

Questions about funding and restrictions of the shuttle service are not readily available, with Ryder noting that the shuttle was not receiving any public money and that they were limited to transporting no more than ten people at a time. And, though the shuttle seems like a win for all involved (except, you know, whoever is paying for gas), some residents are still skeptical that they are promoting some unsavory aspects of society, but those critics seem to have a problem with medical marijuana in general.

You may remember this same shuttle service running into some difficulties last month because of DMV permit and licensing issues, but this has since been resolved.

Do you think this shuttle necessary or do you think driving while stoned is safe?


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