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There’s a ton of dispensaries in Santa Ana, and sifting through them to find the right one for you can be difficult. While Rite Greens and CPA remain the current kings, Legendary Wellness is a hidden gem. The collective is renowned for its concentrates, which, while a tad pricey, are some of the best in Southern California. Their flower selection isn’t huge, but that’s for a reason–what they do have is generally all top shelf. You can also always count on the menu having at least three different badass OG’s, which is what they pride themselves on.

Check out the essentials:

Best Indica: Barack O’Bubba Kush

Best Sativa: XJ-13

Best Hybrid: Henry Viii OG (highly recommended)

Best Concentrate: King Louie Xiii Gold Sexy Oil (fire)

Best Edible: Hubby Bars

Best Amenity: A very nice lounge where you can “chill” and “concentrate.” There’s also a basketball hoop in the waiting room to shoot around on while you wait to go in or after you purchase your meds.

Featured User Review:


I was in the neighborhood craving a good dank real OG kush like I know el dub usually has one or two of at least. So I popped in and checked out the four on hand that day, and they all looked fire…but I followed my nose and went with the Patriarch. This was definitely the most obsurd smelling OG in the house that defiled my nostrils with the strong lemony pine-skunk it gave off. I grabbed a half z which was full of quarter sized nugs with some larger ones. Can you say sticky icky? This will leave your fingers with a glue like lemony resin on them. The taste is oh so good too and the high as well. Top notch OG Kush here. The price is a little steep with no break really in quantity, but you won’t find this connoisseur quality OG at the 45 cap spots. Trust I’ve been to all of em. Highly recommended, thanks LW.

Additional Notes: All new customers get a free gram and LW also has daily deals on tap. If you own a G Pen, LW has cartridges for them in stock. And if you like to dab, they’ve got plenty of nails for sale as well.

Location: 209 South Main Street, Santa Ana, CA

Check out Legendary Wellness’ Full Menu and Hours of Operation on WeedMaps.

Dispensary Tour Courtesy of WeedMapsTV:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C50zJQzM-Y]

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  1. Right on! This clinic is where its at!
    Good quality meds, mature atmosphere, great community feel and well educated budtenders.
    This dispensary and their crew is on the pulse of responsible and safe access.

    Loved the beautiful clones and the variety of strains available. Disease free, fully formed root masses, and healthy stems sure to be a success in my lil grow hut ^.^

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