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Marijuana Eateries Finding a Home in Oregon


Well, when medical marijuana began in the United States, it would have been hard to believe that it would ever expand to this level: marijuana-themed restaurants. But, that is just the awesome level that the medical marijuana movement has come to and Oregon is leading the way when it comes to this new way of getting high and generally enjoying life. notes that this new fad started with Cannabis Cafe in Portland, which began by modestly selling Marsee Bakery pastries and sandwiches. Then, just last week, Cheba Hut, a marijuana-themed restaurant chain, opened a new Corvallis location and plans to open a Portland destination in the immediate future.

Now, there is Earth Dragon Edibles, which takes the idea of weed food a step further. Just opened in Ashland, the mongolian barbecue restaurant infuses traditional meat and noodle dishes with cannabis-infused grapeseed oil.

And, while this all sounds great (and delicious), apparently the operations are functioning in a gray area of the law, and are trying to act accordingly. Earth Dragon Edibles, in an attempt to get around rules about selling of marijuana products, is instead asking for suggested donations for all products. Of course, in order to visit these eateries, you must be a medical marijuana card holder.

Do you think these eateries violate medical marijuana legislation? Is this the beginning of a trend that will reach more states and feature more restaurant concepts?

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  2. I only know specifically about Earth Dragon Edibles, so I will speak to that.
    Non-profit OMMP resource centers throughout Oregon operate under the law, at least the ones I have experience with do. Medical Cannabis is shared freely with needy patients and donations are suggested that help the centers stay open and pay for their overhead and not much more. They take the laws to heart and also understand there are grey areas. When a new idea, like serving a hot medicated meal comes up, it isn’t specifically defined in the laws regarding medical marijuana. Therefore in order to proceed, people like the operators of Earth Dragon Edibles Restaurant & Lounge look closely at the laws, get legal advice and proceed as best they can in the spirit of the law. They are very thoughtful about this process. Their main goal is to help the patients. Eating cannabis is good because you aren’t getting the toxins that you would get from, say, a joint. The effect in your body is mellowed and extended so you get better pain relief for a longer time on a small dose. Many patients don’t want to smoke or can’t smoke for health reasons. Many patients take all of their medicine in edibles.
    Because of the effectiveness of edible cannabis for medical issues, and the social nature of the cannabis community, I believe that this is not a “fad” as the Oregonian has stereotyped it. I believe that these people are pioneers paving the way to the future where patients can go to a community location, medicate via edibles (coincidentally a nice hot meal) with other patients, socialize, learn from each other and not suffer from the wrongful and negative stigma that has been created by those who not benefit from this new ‘industry’ (paper, logging, cotton, pharmaceutical companies). You can’t believe how uplifting it is to be around people who don’t think you’re a criminal for choosing a better medicine. (Many of the patients have reduced their use of hard drugs like Vicoden and opiates by using cannabis instead & it has been proven many times to be safe.)
    Any other questions?

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