Marijuana Wine: The Next Big Thing?


While marijuana-laced wine has been around since the early-80’s, according to a recent article in The Daily Beast, the weed novelty product is becoming more visible in Northern California wine circle, and it could be poised to be getting even bigger.

Obviously, this creation takes place outside the law and is not readily available to the public, but some winemakers are producing this concoction on the side, creating what they consider to be the first truly original wine from the New World and, fittingly, using two of California’s most prized crops.

The Daily Beast lays out the process:

The recipe for pot wine, such as it is, consists of dropping one pound of marijuana into a cask of fermenting wine, which yields about 1.5 grams of pot per bottle; the better the raw materials—grapes and dope—the better the wine.

The fermentation process converts the sugar in grapes into alcohol, and alcohol extracts the THC from marijuana. Bud (the winemaker) goes for maximum extraction: he keeps his weed wine in barrel for nine months before bottling it. He said he and other winemakers produce pot wine in small quantities, to be shared in ‘convivial moments with like-minded people.’

Typical choices for the grape variety include cabernet and syrah, robust reds that can stand up to the flavor of the pot. And, as for the high, Crane Carter, who is president of the Napa Valley Marijuana Growers, describes the experience as working a little faster than pot brownies and as “an interesting little buzz.” Still, this seems like a mostly recreational product, with winemakers saying nothing about using the weed wine for medicinal purposes.

Have you tried pot wine? Do you see this idea taking off across America? Do you like mixing your booze and your weed?

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