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Mendocino Prosecutor Lived a Double Life as a Grower


Sergio Fuentes is was a criminal prosecutor in Mendocino County who lives at home with his mother. When not too busy prosecuting criminals and taking his mom to Trader Joe’s, Fuentes used his spare time to grow marijuana–and a lot of it.

On Monday, Fuentes’ own district attorney executed a search warrant on Fuentes’ home, discovering the 150 deep plant grow. There were not many other details offered (like, whether the grow was Fuentes’, his mother’s, or a combined effort). What we can conclude: it truly is possible that anyone grows marijuana.

Obvious irony aside, it’s also worth noting that this is the same Mendocino County that once had extremely liberal laws towards medical marijuana growers (and one of the densest grow populations in the country). That is, until the very same prosecutors that Fuentes is a part of recently put the clamps on that program. A bit of a conflict of interest there, no?

Fuentes joins the infamous hotel blazing judge as the latest employee of the legal system to become a casualty to the senseless War on Drugs. Given the fact that these gentlemen probably punished people for similar crimes that they committed, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for them. But, as is a common refrain here, if pot were simply made legal, predicaments like these would cease to exist.

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