Multiple NFL Draft Prospects Tested Positive for Weed | Marijuana

Multiple NFL Draft Prospects Tested Positive for Weed


As tonight marks the beginning of the 2012 NFL Draft, word is starting to circulate about a number of players that allegedly tested positive for marijuana at this year’s scouting combine. reports that early word spread that Mike Adams of Ohio State was one of the players to test positive for weed at the combine’s drug test, and it is initially unclear whether this will affect his draft position, currently slated for the late-first or early-second round. Now, more names are starting to surface, including Arizona State middle linebacker Vontaze Burfict, Virginia Tech cornerback Jayron Hosley, and Arizona State defensive end Jamaar Jarrett.

Of all of these, Jarrett will likely suffer the most, as he was already borderline about whether or not he would be drafted at all, and something like this might be the tipping point to keep him out of the NFL.

Burfict spoke to and admitted to smoking weed in the past, but claims to have changed his lifestyle. Addressing this indicates that Burfict thinks that marijuana will affect his draft status and it is clear that he is looking to change his image. But, with the rampant use of marijuana at both the college and pro level, as well as its status as a medicine in many states, it seems like an antiquated idea that marijuana use is a bad thing for football players. I guess it’s just the world we live in, but if I were drafting for an NFL team, I don’t think I would knock a guy for smoking some weed.

Do you think smoking pot affects someone’s ability to play football? Do teams associate the use of pot with the possibility for bigger legal issues?

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  1. i played football on pot, you laugh when hit instead of going OW! and i barely felt any pain, i ate a special brownie an hour before playing my game.
    i actually felt more energized, the only down side was i had a stomach ache for that heavy brownie sitting there

  2. I don’t think it affects their playing ability, but it does show a lack of commitment and responsibility. If a player refuses to follow a federal and state law as well as NCAA, college teams and NFL team rule, there is a higher likelihood that the player will behave improperly or show a lack of commitment in the future.

  3. Weird because I smoke weed everyday and I also work everyday 9 AM – 8 PM and am the most productive member of my team. Smoking weed has nothing to do with a lack of commitment.

  4. Fred Davis and Trent Williams of the Washington redskins got suspended for the last 4 games of the season for testing positive for marijuana. Fred Davis had the best season of his career and was still given a franchise tag by the redskins. Trent Williams in his second season I think. He is obviously playing at the nfl standard because he is also still on the team as of draft day.

  5. thereal_yeti on

    I am a firm believer of “different drugs effect different people differently”..

    Some, it may worsen their game, others improve their game, others may remain the same

    Also there are different levels of high, it seems like this is understood when it comes to alcohol. But for some reason when it comes to marijuana people act as thoug there is high/not high.

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