New Wiz Khalifa: Work Hard Play Hard


Whether you like it or not, Wiz Khalifa isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. His fun and well-received performance Sunday evening (which I witnessed) at Coachella with Snoop Dogg reinforced this fact along with two others: 1) Wiz still loves his weed and 2) Snoop loves Wiz. And when arguably the most beloved (who doesn’t like Snoop?) musician on this planet views you as his protege, well, you’re a made man.

The two looked like two brothers on stage, just having the time of their lives: smoking personal joints with smiles jetting ear to ear as they frolicked across the main stage. Just a day later, Atlantic Records  released this new effort from Wiz, soo odds are that he’ll keep his view from the top for quite some time. And we can only wonder how nice it feels to achieve this natural high:

A little less flowery and a little more badass than most of Wiz Khalifa 2.0’s (the Amber Rose version) material. Hopefully this joint is the first in Wiz’s return to his Show and Prove vibe and a departure from the *meh* Rolling Papers one.

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