Over $800,000 Was Spent by Medical Marijuana Patients on 4/20 | Marijuana

Over $800,000 Was Spent by Medical Marijuana Patients on 4/20


As you’re probably well aware, last Friday was 4/20, the worldwide holiday for stoners. The following graphic displays what strains were most popular in what medical marijuana states on the high-holiday. All told, a whopping $831,975 was spent on medical marijuana and concentrated cannabis. In other words: a lot of people got high this 4/20 and the 70% rise in money spent on cannabis is clearly not a coincidence. Check out the full breakdown.

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SOURCE:Marijuana.com News

What were you smoking on 4/20?

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  1. sunflowermomma on

    excellant stats, only 4 states covered, what were stats leading up to friday 420, for the whole week and weekend. obama is an idiot,

  2. How many death’s by car accidents and violent crimes occurred in 420 compared with St.Patrick’s day holiday? any info on that, just curious.

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