Samuel L. Jackson: The Hulk Gets His Power From a Hybrid


“You should see the Avengers after you hit like one great big bud of Hulk because this movie is a motherf*cker.”

The Avengers was probably going to smash it at the box office before this clip surfaced. But Samuel L. Jackson just ensured that a few couch potatoes may actually leave their seats next weekend to peep the Marvel mega movie. Re-channeling his inner Jules Winnfield, Samuel L. turned this interview on its head and made it his own gag routine. Given his energy and animation, there’s no doubt that he smoked a fine Sativa (perhaps Sour Diesel) prior to this interview.

We can only wonder what the outcome would have been had Samuel L. Jackson’s villainous character in Unbreakable been dubbed Mr. Green instead of Mr. Glass. And had the ability to make Bruce Willis enter a weed-coma on command.

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