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South Coast Patients Center: Where Fire Breathes


Sometimes the best dispensaries aren’t the easiest ones to find. Such is the case for South Coast Patients Center in Santa Ana. Tucked away in an indiscrete building in Santa Ana, discovering South Coast is an arduous journey, but when you do make it up the stairs, through the waiting room, and into the small collective, it’s well worth the discovery. Their top shelf is unparalleled by most dispensaries in Orange County. South Coast always has at least 2 or 3 incredible top shelf options in each three categories, plus some fire wax. And if you’re an owner of a G-Pen, this is definitely the place to get your refill. With knowledgable budtenders, insane meds, and a plethora of amenities (a smorgasbord of edibles), there’s something for everyone at South Coast.

Check out the essentials:

Best Indica: Cotton Candy Kush (17.9 % THC, smells as good as it sounds)/ Gucci OG (warning: inhalation may get “Gucci 2 Times” stuck in your head)

Best Sativa: SD Bullrider (22.9% THC)

Best Hybrid: Purple Cat Piss (yep really…can’t make that up)

Best Concentrate: Super Diesel Wax (79% THC, 2.5% CBD)

Best Edible: Cheeba Chews Deca Dose Hybrid 175 Mg Thc *2011 Cannabis Cup Champion Winner*

Best Amenity: TONS of G Pen Cartridges (9 to be exact, and in 1.5 and .5 gram serving sizes)

Featured User Review:


I’ve been off the maps for the longest time. But I’m back on here to spit this rhyme. I’m a free spirit so I never stay in 1 place. I’m on a mmj trip, call me duffle bag face. I’m staying with the Fam way up in Long Beach. So you know I keep the piff, within arms reach. I’m a “Fire Stacker”, yeah a sick Og packer. I stay up on that Fire, I’m not a nug slacker. An old friend told me about the sickest shop. So props to Higgins, for the sick info. drop. I’ve scoured his reviews looking for the danks. So again shout to Higgins, for him I give thanks. I was looking for that OG, yeah what else is new? They stack fire over here, oh I thought you knew. They hooked it up fat, so props to the crew. And the bud was fucking dank, thanks for that too. The shop is called South Coast Patient Center. Smell that sick Og smoke as soon as you enter. Their check in was easy and the shop was neat. The staff is super chill and the herb smells sweet. Their line-up of medicine is all worth a look. Most of the strains are super sick in my book. Top shelf og’s and some other delectable dank. The price is right, so you won’t break the bank. I was on the hunt for that dank liquid butter OG. But they were out this visit, so no butter for me. No worries here they still had something serious. A “Perfect Og” that had me straight delirious. After just a small hit, I mean just a little bit. I was high as hell and couldn’t remember shit. Large sugar dusted spears, brought me to tears. Yeah she’s trichome coated, so have no fears. The taste is sweet lemons with a pine-sol back. Shit is crazy expando, my lungs are under attack. The smell oozes out, just give the jar a crack. A killer high ensues when the pipe is packed. Props to Higgins, his reviews are spot on. Go check SCPC and go get your pot on! peace 1991malibuchemdawg aka PK all Day aka Mr. Aka

Additional Notes: Every new patient gets a clone dedicated to them. There are also continuously fantastic two for one deals. The lengthy list of edibles is also mind-blowing (too many to list).

Location: 1202 East 17th St. suite #200 Santa Ana CA 92701

Check out South Coast Patient Cure’s Full Menu and Hours of Operation on WeedMaps.

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