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There's a Strain Named "Mike Tyson" in 21 Dispensaries


Thankfully (and ironically), Mike Tyson’s strain is an Indica so you won’t feel the urge to bite your homie’s ear off after inhalation. The introduction of a Tyson-based strain by dispensaries is, as always, not done by coincidence. Now in his more reflective, calmer days, Tyson is opening up to fans in a one-man Las Vegas show. Among his many personal observations is the “problem” with marijuana he had during his demise. But, as his comments indicate–it was more likely that his predilection for Morphine and cocaine led to his substance abuse/anger/women issues, not his love of blunts.

“I just liked morphine but I had to take a lot of it because it didn’t stay in your system for a long time. … And I’d have my cocaine, and I had my marijuana, and I had my Cialis and Viagra and my little friends all sitting there. That’s just how I lived my life.”

Keep in mind, this is also the same man who’s biggest regret in life is not smoking weed with his fallen compadre Tupac Shakur.

“He always wanted me to smoke weed (marijuana) with him, and I never did it, and I wish I did,” Tyson said in a recent phone interview.

Tyson said he declined because he was a closet smoker and didn’t want it to get out that he smoked the drug. Now, when he looks back on the lost opportunity, he says: “That’s my biggest regret.”

Anyone who Tupac’s down with is alright with me–and the chance to hear a Mike Tyson freestyle would make that a blaze session for the record books. While Mike may not be the sagest of men, but there’s no doubt Mike Tyson has a decent heart and is an OG.

Is it wrong for dispensaries to capitalize off Mike’s resurgence and fame? Probably. But this particular strain of “Mike Tyson OG” certainly pays respect to the man with the greatest one hitter in the history of the sport. This very heavy Indica, courtesy of Med 215 Collective, certainly looks like it will knock you the fuck out faster than you can say Arturo Gatti. Eat your heart out:

Quite frankly, I’m shocked so few dispensaries have honored Iron Mike with a strain especially when a baby like Blue Ivy Carter is all over dispensary shelves. According to WeedMaps, a mere 21 dispensaries currently carry a form of Mike Tyson Weed (another four carry a Tyson weed, presumably also named after the legend). So find one of these spots, pack that bowl, and fade into Bolivia.

p.s. One of my biggest fears in life growing up was getting punched square in the face by Mike Tyson. A rather simple debate between me and friends: would one punch from Mike Tyson kill you?

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