White Rhino: Photos and Strain Review


In its natural habitat, the White Rhino is a beautiful breed of ganja that basks in sunlight. Outside of its natural habitat, the White Rhino has been known to do battle with its arch-nemesis, the Grape Ape. The White Rhino’s ancestry is found in the form of White Widow. Its mother, however, remains unaccounted for. Like White Widow, the White Rhino is covered in trichomes and is a powerful strain that no man can easily tame. The White Rhino is a very Indica-dominant Hybrid. The White Rhino’s orange horn has magical powers that will lift you up, up, and away.

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At times, the White Rhino gets tangled in the jungle’s web, and can look extremely worn out and leafy. You want to avoid this onerous, distasteful White Rhino. You can currently find the White Rhino in 208 medical marijuana dispensaries for as little as 25 an eighth to as much as 55 an eighth. Beware: not all White Rhinos are as kind as others.

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Each day, Marijuana.com will highlight a strain of Medical Marijuana. In an effort to show you that strains can vary much based on the environment they’re grown and what seeds are used. If you have smoked today’s strain of cannabis before, let us know what you think of it in the comments and if it looked like this.

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