25 Colorado Dispensaries Close Down, More Expected to Follow Suit


It’s a sad week for 25 Colorado-based medical marijuana dispensaries whose leases on time have run their course. The pot collectives received letters to cease and desist operations from the U.S. Attorney’s office in late March that gave the 45 days to close up shop, and they have peacefully followed suit and obeyed the antiquated federal marijuana law.

While it’s clearly a shame that medical marijuana patients in Colorado have less options to purchase their medicine from, some of the collectives will fortunately be able to relocate their operations. This signifies the second time this year that the Attorney’s Office, led by the weed demon-crusader John Walsh, has forced a large amount of collectives shut.

But the real bad news comes in the form of a vague footnote in the Denver Post.

A third round of letters is expected soon.

To quote Jadakiss: fuck this frail shit.


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