Michigan Struggles With Child Marijuana Recommedation


As medical marijuana proves its value in cases of autism with children, the state of Michigan has released what they hoped would be disturbing news. As it turns out, of the almost 140,000 medical marijuana patients in the state of Michigan, it appears that approx. 40 are children. Michigan recites this number as if it were some type of bad thing, but the fact of the matter is many parents, who before medical marijuana would have had a future of frustration and confusion now have a green glow of hope thanks to Medical Marijuana.

 Recent polling has shown support for marijuana legalization growing exponentially. Just this month, 56% of people responded in favor of legalization in a survey from Rasmussen Reports, with only 36% opposed. This is just the latest in a continuing trend of polling data demonstrating majority support for regulating cannabis. In October 2011,

So as  the state of Michigan struggles with its own moral dilemma, as to the value of medical marijuana, we find at the American Academy of pediatrics has yet to declare a clear and cohesive policy, regarding medical marijuana. The AAP claims that it is trying to develop a program by which they can study and scientifically diagnose marijuana’s value for autism.

Of course we have all heard over and over again from the states that allow medical marijuana, that the one remaining hurdle, that all of the MMJ state’s face in order to perform proper testing on the cannabinoids we now know exists, is of course the federal government as medical marijuana still remains illegal from a federal level.

While the federal government continues to swim against the tide of medical marijuana, the pressure is building from all sides. From mom’s that are tired of being lied to about pot’s ability to help with autism, to cancer patients that would greatly benefit from the medicinal elements in  medical marijuana. The sick and infirmed around the United States are tired of being told there is no medical value in marijuana, while at the same time witnessing the feds greasing the wheels for big pharma to come in a take over the MMJ world.

So while the seedy online world is smoking hot over the discussion of Pres. Obama’s less than discretionary use of marijuana as a young thug. We in the medical marijuana community would like to ask Mr. Obama to stop this insane war against common sense, remove marijuana from the schedule one classification, and allow marijuana to be tested for all of its medical benefits.

Most parents find that Sativa’s offer the greatest relief for their childern with Autism.

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    If it helps the children with the problems let them use it, the herb does nothing to harm the body so its not like they are hurting their selves!

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